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GSC2012 StockV8 black rims

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by nickovey, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Black rim textures for the GSC2012 StockV8. Replaces the standard silver rims ingame.
    Installation: unrar to your GSC2012 directory.
    Uninstallation: delete loose dds files from Gamedata\Vehicles\StockV8.
    Shouldn't cause mismatches but is largely untested and is unofficial/unsupported.

    GSC2012 StockV8 black rims
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  2. works well
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Sweet, thanks for this Nick :thumbsup:
  4. sorry but where can I find this particular mod?
  5. Click the link in the first post, then the download button.
  6. This is very useful to me since I paint my own car skins and my car looks much nicer with black rims. Instead of putting the files into my StockV8 folder, I instead put the files into my specific team car folder. Now only my team has back rims and the rest of the cars still have silver rims.

    I just finished painting new 2013 cars for my team to start out the new year (4 cars in total) and the cars look so much nicer with the black rims. Thanks again.
  7. anyone got a working links pls
  8. does nobody reply from Reiza Studios
  9. thanks guys
  10. Nice rims...thanks.I use this only for two teams:whistling:Simply put the files in the special team folder.....great idea
  11. OMG, Look awesome.

    Thanks Heaps :thumbsup:
  12. Is it possible to get the Template so I can do Gold Coloured Rims, Or can I please put a request in for Gold coloured ones PLEASE
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  13. Hey there. Anyone got any screen grabs of this mod. Haven't got the game yet and would like to check this mod out before I get the game. And to echo what Darren.O says, any chance of a template for this so we make our own colour variants. Cheers.
  14. [​IMG]
    here you go
  15. quick question is it only black rims that can be done ?
  16. Cheers man.

    They look awesome
  17. Just a FYI...in GSC 2013, putting these in the individual car folder will turn all the cars rim to black...not just that particular team.
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