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GSC with MoTeC for driver training: Steering Percent difference

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rick Malm, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. I am trying to improve my lap times by doing analysis with MoTec plots of my driving VS having AI driving and set at 100% taking over my car. This technique great for braking and throttle and improved my lap times by 2 sec by later braking, faster footwork, and using more Type 1 turn in style
    vs I used to use more of a type 2 style can cut in early. But I am having problems with matching the low AI Steering Percent. Mine is not even close when I try to match the AI line.

    Do AI drivers use the same settings for steering sensitivity as when I am driving, that is when when you allow AI to take over your car? Or is this just my skill level causes a large difference in steering percent.

    If AI uses different settings, can I control AI to match what my steering settings are. Where and what setting variables if you know?

    Observations and settings.
    I did check that when I sit in the cockpit view and turn the wheel I see simulated steering wheel turn 90 deg to match my real wheel turns 90. This just verifies controller.ini file settings vs T500 Control Panel settings. I am using a T500, in the game Steering Speed Sensitivity= (options: control: controller2) 0 is the recommendation for using a wheel. I have Thrustmaster control panel set at 520 deg and this is set in the controller.ini as Steering Wheel Range="520" and as Steer Ratio Speed="20.00000"

    If GSC2013 had a skidpad “track” and one could force AI in a circle, I could see if we match % at the same speeds and radius.

    When I look at replays clearly AI uses a lot less turn of the wheel turn. When I look at MoTeC plots, I see the difference as well (or an even larger difference). AI is 2 seconds faster per lap now so there is room for my improvement. If I try the low AI angle of the wheel, I crash every time with the same braking point as I try to follow the AI line.

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  2. I wouldnt train by observing the AI's driving style but rather trying to use their racing line. Although even then its not the best thing, dont trust what the AI's steering degree is as it doesnt mean a thing.

    Same with even watching a replay of me doing a previous lap in the cockpit view. The steering wheel doesnt match up with the actual input i used.
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  3. Well there is some correlation with the amount of wheel turn that AI does and the MoTec so the maybe just a scale factor might be wrong. Maybe I can just scale it and get a hint of a smoother technique that AI is using. I am going to look for a large enough area to create
    a wheel lock AI turn. Maybe just the pit exit and see what it takes to match AI turn like turn him on for a 45 deg turn. I tried 90 out of the garage as it saturates. More to do.

    Your advice helped me set my expectations. I notice several other parms are not correct and some look close enough to be useful.
    AI steering force is always 0, so is each AI tire slide 0 and tire pressure for AI is 0
    tire temp is fixed and very cold (-273) so maybe one has to remember this is a game.
    Acceleration never goes neg...
  4. Like i said, you will learn nothing from the AI driving style but more on the racing line they take. But it is up to you to find out the quickest way around the track. Trying to copy someone's racing line i believe makes you slower because your not doing what comes natural and and thats what can throw you off. You observe their racing line to get an idea of where you should place your car and you start from there.
  5. I know the line. I was just trying to find a way to refine how to control being on it other than hours of trail and error since looking at the break, speed and throttle plots was so helpful and resulted in a fast change. Thanks for the poke.