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GSC using triple monitor setup: How does one remove or minimize side monitor graphics distortion?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rick Malm, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. With triple monitors you must use GSCconfig and MultiView must be set on, which sets the config.ini variable SubViews=2

    With SubViews=2 the size of objects looks pretty good but the image rendering is not really correct based on your monitor angles or eye positing. Is there a variable to set the monitor angle and also the location of the players eye heights to fix this distortion that happens at the bezel? I have done Nvidia 780ti bezel correction of course and its not a vertical shift that is the issue. Lines that cross the bezel can look bent at different angles.

    If there are no settings fix this, then the GSC software must assume a specific angle and eye height to get some lines straight. If you decide you want the sides of the road to look straight as it passes from the center to side monitor you can adjust the bend at the bezel if it exists moving the players eye height and/or side monitor angle to center (front) monitor angle. The side of the road straight line will bend up or down at the bezel as the head moves up or down or the angle of the monitor is changed so you adjust until its straight.

    Then, if the simulation distance to the object moves closer as you drive over to the side of the track then the track side line will bend at the bezel. The line will appear to bend down in the side monitor the closer it gets to you in simulation distance. So if you setup of side of the road to be straight when you in the middle of the track, as you drive inside to the apex or out to the corner exit the sight line is distorted (bend). Pictures attached.

    Any one have a setup solution? Rumor has it iRacing adjusts with the monitor angle as a input. I have not tried iRacing yet since I like GSC so much and there is plenty of fun to be had in GSC.

    I have not tried to verify how this distortion changes with changes in FOV but it will make a difference and you have to adjust your distance from the monitors, the height of your eye and the angle of the monitor to monitor and only part of the image looks perfect. Look at my examples attached, one makes one line straight with these adjustments but if look down or up on the monitors others lines are not straight as marked in red.

    What do the GSC author(s) assume will give the best side monitor images?
    Rumor has it that they picked players eye centered in monitor center and monitor angles 135 degrees? Is this documented?

    Got this hint:
    jisonga at insideRacing After recently looking into this myself I have found that as GSC 2013 is based on rFactor it has limited triple screen support. Now there is no option to set the angle of the side screens and I believe its set at a fixed angle of 45 degrees which for me was about right as I run my side screens at 50 degrees.

    Sidebar warning:If in the config.ini file, if you have SubView=0 for a triple monitor, the side view monitor images get very distorted, stretched horizontally by at least 2x.

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  2. Easy, you click multiview on the gamestock car config and you will have perfect non-distorted "true" triple screen viewing angles, with each screen being rendered separately, instead of just one large image like most games do (terrible idea).

    Once you do that you change the distance between your eyes and monitor until everything is perfectly straight. just move your head/chair further forward or further backwards. Or, you can change the angle of the monitors until you get the same result, everything being straight. I usually do a bit of both, a bit of monitor angle adjustment and a bit of eye-to-monitor distance adjustment.

    The angle is not set at 45 degrees I don't know who started this myth but I always hear about it and it's completely wrong. The distance from your eyes to your monitors, the angle of your monitors, and the in-game FOV all make a difference to what the perfect setting is.

    It's a combination of:
    - the in-game FOV
    - the distance between your eyes and monitor
    - the angle of your 2 outer monitors
  3. I had hoped that my images would show that one will not have a "perfect non-distorted image"
    with the adjustments that a user can do.
    Yes I do all the items suggested but one still end up with only part of the image will look correct at a specific angle, FOV and distance. I do these adjustment for the can in the center of the track line using the sides of the track but if you look close other parts of the screen will have lines that are not straight but bend some at the bezel. The example I gave where the fence on the right is straight in both front and side with no bend at the bezel but if one looks down at the lower part of the side monitor you can see lines on the track close to the car are bent up, re-adjust to make the lower line straight and the upper line bends
    down. So one must do the best one can given the software that exists and find a position that is not distracting.
  4. Something is not correct then, maybe your 2 monitors are at 2 different angles.

    It took my 2 minutes to find the perfect image. I use a vertical FOV of 25 (for a perfect 1:1 realife image I should be using about 17.5, but ive settled on 25 for now). My monitors are around 30-40 degrees and the monitor is as close to me as the humungous T500RS wheel base will allow lol. It looks bang on. move closer or further and/or adjust monitor angle until it's perfect, once it's perfect if you move your head closer or further or touch your monitor angle then it will look misaligned of course.

    Oh wait! I forgot to mention 1 important thing! You also need to set up your bezel correction in your GFX card control panel. It will put a picture on your screens and you adjust up or down until the lines cross over from one screen to the other perfectly straight.

    Once you set that up then go in game with multiview option checked, and you should then have a perfect image once your combination of FOV, monitor angle, eye to monitor distance Is set up.

    Just start the car while in garage and move your monitor as you look at the screen until it's perfectly lined up :).
  5. ok
  6. I just installed the game and can not find the files. I can enter the game, but not adjust the triple screens for my GTX780 3 Gb superclocked video card. Basically equal to a Ti. I have hidden files opened. I have loaded tracks and cars in Assetto Corsa, but need a bit of help getting started.
  7. Its been awhile since I ran this but I just tested it for you. I am an AC simRacer now but GSC must be setup with the GSC config panel to get multiview.
    Try running the GSC Config.exe in the install dir. check that you have multiview checked in this panel

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  8. Okay never mind. I found it thru Steam... No idea why I did not see it.