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GSC Tracks

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Nuno Pinheiro, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Nuno Pinheiro

    Nuno Pinheiro
    Premium Member

    hello fellow addicts, i am looking for Spa and Nordschleife, did a google search and saw it on another forum, but the links are all down... HELP PLEASE :)
  2. [ (MOD) linking out to illegal sources is also not allowed here!]
  3. Frank

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Almost all of the tracks shown there are illigal and I dont think you are allowed to post them on the forums here.
  4. Already retired, sorry me.
  5. Nuno Pinheiro

    Nuno Pinheiro
    Premium Member

    Illegal??? And why is that??? I would really like to know, before i do something wrong... The guys name that i saw with the link for the tracks is in here also, not going to write his name though...
    These are the tracks listed, are you guys telling me that all these tracks are illegal? :(
    - Spa Francorchamps
    - Mid Ohio VLM
    - Sebring VLM
    - Melbourne
    - Bahrain
    - A1 Ring
    - Monaco
    - Imola
    - Nordschleife
    - Istanbul
  6. The tracks are illegal because -
    1: they are converted to this game without permission
    2: the author of these tracks have not even given permission to do so

    the only way they are legal is if the developer of the tracks have given permission (sometimes written permission) for the tracks to be converted, at RD we do not allow "illegal" tracks to be hosted or posted on here.
  7. Nuno Pinheiro

    Nuno Pinheiro
    Premium Member

    thx Scott good to know, funny though how many tracks are out there illegally
  8. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium Member

    It's sad how many tracks are out there without what is usually a simple matter of courtesy. But that's large parts of the internet for you.
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  9. One of the great things about GSC is that I've been introduced to a whole load of brilliant, new (for me), well-crafted Brasilian tracks - and not just the same old selection that are available in every other sim - ie the list above :)
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  10. Nuno Pinheiro

    Nuno Pinheiro
    Premium Member

    Anthony i am also having a blast driving these new tracks (didnt know most of them), but it would be fun to drive the Formula Reiza, V8, Camaro etc on one of these well known tracks
  11. I've tried a few of those modded tracks in GSC and I have to say they felt pretty poor compared the ones included in the sim. The Reiza tracks are different class IMO.
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  12. Not to hijack this thread and just for interest sake:

    by developer do you mean the guys who built the real track or software track? I would think the owner of the real track should also give permission?

    Or can anyone make any track for a game and use it? Just curious.
  13. if it's for profit, like companys then sure, the gaming company's need a license to do so, however if their is no money involved and the game can be modded (allowed to) then they/ the creator of the track, has the right to to reserve he's work for the game he made it for.

    for example, let's say i made Monza on rFactor 1, DriverA came along and decided he liked the track (my work i put into it also) so he'll take the track's files and put them into another game running of the same engine, without my permission.... not only is that illegal but the game devloper who developed the game does not allow modding, in my opinion it's even worse some1 has not only ripped some1 elses work onto another game, but without any permission either!
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  14. Thanks Scott that's kind of how I figured it worked. Thanks for an awesome explanation :)
  15. ...sorry, but when the Game want to have a sucess in Europe, we need here
    more High Quality European Tracks.

    And another Commentar....the Sebring VLM look very Nice in the GSC Game ;-)
  16. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    That exactly the issue. The VLM version is a rip from rFactor and sure looks beautiful but its taken from one of the best modding groups in the industry without even asking them for permission. Shameful as VLM has objected against these conversions and people still ignore the wish of the rights holder.

    Strikes me why people can't respect the wish of modding groups that have worked a gazillion hours for free to facilitate our hobby. We are really killing our own hobby.
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  17. Nuno Pinheiro

    Nuno Pinheiro
    Premium Member

    Oh Lord, what have i done, starting this thread?
  18. I had no clue Brasil is so full of awesome tracks. Sure it's a big country but there are also other big ones with not even half the list from GSC.
    And what I noticed in many of them, you need balls to go fast on them, like high speed turns (preferably downslope:) after straights etc.
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