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GSC Request for an expert drivers to upload a DataAcquisition session

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rick Malm, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Sure would be nice to have an AI setting where the GSC program makes no mods to control the AI performance since this would show max performance base on driving nearly the best line and with high driver skill. Given this feature, one could compare against something closer to reality. MoTeC analysis could really be a nice training aid.

    Since its unlikely that my wish will ever happen in the near future, I have a 2nd idea.
    This idea could also be used in the RaceDepartment's premium members group training sessions as well.

    Could some of you winning drivers upload to dropbox some telemetry files captured with the DataAcquistion plugin? Just do at least a few laps to allow tires to warm up. This would allow new racers some expert real human data to compare against instead of only AI data on only multiuser data in traffic. Any track session will do if you already have it. Best if you run alone on the track. This output data comes as a pair of files about 2-4Mbyte and a small 2Kb file.

    If you dont have the plugin here is a link.
    This link also contains a link to MoTeC install that will reads the files created by the plugin.
    Its easy to install and you just hit cntl-m in pit lane as you start the session.
    Look at the README.txt that comes with the install.

    Doing this on a number of tracks would allow a way to document the worlds best laps in detail and would allow a way to find out who is the best driver when there is no traffic.

    To get the ball rolling, I will put my novice example files and AI at 85% example in dropbox. Remember I am still 4 sec slower than the 85% AI at Brasiia Full. Using V8 no default.

    These files are too large (>1M) for a file upload on RD forum RD so here are links to the files in dropbox public area.

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u...lia Full Course-2014_04_03_11_06_08-stint2.ld

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u...ia Full Course-2014_04_03_11_06_08-stint2.ldx

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u...lia Full Course-2014_03_20_15_27_47-stint1.ld

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u...ia Full Course-2014_03_20_15_27_47-stint1.ldx

    Hope you are willing to share with all of us!
  2. Ive never used this plugin but ill give it a try.
  3. Great Tony. Bye the way, you dont have to install MoTeC to create the log files. It is just used to do the analysis and compare.
  4. I got it working so ill go ahead and do a few laps at brasilia full for you.
  5. Got it! Thanks, I will start the compare right away.

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  6. Works for me when i go to open it.
  7. Got it. 1st look, my trail braking is too short and steep.
    Troy only gets to 80 % on brake position where I go to 100% and often brake later.
    I have some wheel lock ups as well.
    Thanks so much Troy, this give me something to work on.
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  8. Got the 2nd pair as well. This will be nice to compare to see what you did to improve like a little longer on brake in 1 and 4 earlier and faster in turn 6 and off the throttle later etc. Where do you set brake limit and what do you have your brake max % setting at? Mine always goes 100% Or is this talented foot pressure that does not go all the way to the floor?
    I see no hint of wheel lock. Nice.
    Thanks again for taking the time to capture these files.
  9. I am using low abs so wheels can lock up but only extreme conditions. The way my brake pedal is i have to push extremely hard to get 100% braking so i almost never to get 100% braking unless its a panic stop or somthing. And in the car setuo i left the brake pressure at default.
  10. I have not been using any ABS. I set ABS off since I thought some races required no assists but was not clear if ABS was really an assist like the braking, steering help really are. Makes sense to avoid the lock up, I will try it. Thanks for the tip.
  11. Troy,
    I tried setting ABS to low, even check my PLR file to make sure it was =1, but I still get 100% brake on in the corners vs the 80% you can get. Even get 100% with ABS HIGH. But clearly ABS is working since I dont get tire lock and I can feel ABS FFB in the wheel. What pedals are you using?
    Mine are the T500RS Thrustmaster.
  12. ABS only effects wheel lock up, it wont help braking pressure, thats down to learning how to modulate your foot, often times you dont see drivers or sim drivers for that matter using all the braking possible on a car.

    Im using Fanatec Clubsport V2's which have a load cell style brake pedal, i dont know if the T500 pedals have that or not. But i can modulate my braking much better with a load cell as its easier for the muscles to remember pressure instead of a distance like with a potentiometer style brake pedal.
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  13. Troy,
    I spent about 2 hours this morning (04/5 and 4/6) going through each of the 12 turns of Brasilia doing a compare to your braking, throttle style, you added slide (aggressiveness), lower steering angle vs distance in MoTeC. This was very helpful and I wanted to send out a special thanks to you for the time you spent helping me by posting your lap data also for the time you spend installing the plugin to capture the data. I have taking real driving lessons before but this technique is really educational since one can see the exact nature of a better drivers skill and work on it over and over until you get it better.

    Found a solution for the load cell brake issue but I will work on this subject and have a request into Bodin for a pedal mod to the T500RS. Until then I will use the Thrustmaster mod stop/restriction. I ordered the Bodin Load Cell as well as the Basher bushings.
    Even just installing the Thrustmaster mod allowed me to improve my 58sec laps to 57.5.

    If you or anyone else ever has time to capture any other tracks I would be very grateful!!!!!!
    Work on your Brasilia data continues today. I still need to get better with throttle control in turn 6 and
    no go wide into 7.

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  14. Troy,
    Do you have the matching replay file that you could send me? Trying to get turn 6 throttle steering technique and turn10 brake and throttle steering learned and it would be nice to have video that I could sync with your MoTeC curves.
  15. I used a custom car that I painted to do that lap so you'll have to download that to see my car but ill get it for you.

    Here it is, i included my car so you dont just get a temp car when you look at the replay, you can just delete it when your done with the replay file.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2014
  16. Thanks very much for your time to upload this Vcr file. I installed it, ran it and will now export to a avi file and into Motec. Nice strips by the way..... The vcr file's sound is strange level, birds sounds mostly, some low level tire sliding but all is low level to 0 I just what I wanted to see is your line and match it with the MoTeC curves to this will be fine.
  17. Marco Versele

    Marco Versele
    Hhmmm, yes ...

    Hi Mr Rickmalm,
    I'd like to ask for your opinion regarding the Motec plugin:
    I've read the manual about setting up a suspension histogram and the interpretation of the output data (I attached the file so you know what I'm talking about).
    The writer suggests the colors should be green, avoid blue and accept a tiny bit of red.
    But in my opinion it all depends of the scale you're using for applying the colors. If I first analyse a car with 15 cm of suspension travel, my scale is quite large. If afterwards I'm analysing a kart, my scale and curves won't be of any meaning as the suspension travel will be a fraction of the previous one. So, to have the right shape and colors for the histogram, this is what I first do:
    I drive 1 or 2 laps with the softest suspension and dampers possible, in order to determine the suspension's travel. I'm hitting the kerbs, bumps etc so that the suspension bottoms out both in compression as in extension. That way I'm able to judge the maximum suspension travel. This maximum will become the scale for applying the colors, where blue will be max travel left, and red will be zero travel left.
    This way the shape of the suspension histogram can be judged in the right way, in a standard manner, whatever type of vehicle you're dealing with.
    How do you deal with this?

    Hmm, file is too big. This is the link:
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