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Featured GSC Extreme + Formula Truck 2013 bundle offer - Buy one, get the other free!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Renato Simioni, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Final days of our GSC Extreme + Formula Truck 2013 bundle offer, now for only US$ 29.90 - Buy one, get the other free!

    Click here for this special bundle.

    Keep in mind that while the games are not yet available on Steam, Serial Numbers from this bundle purchase may be switched for Steam keys upon their respective releases via their official websites www.game-stockcar.com.br and www.gameformulatruck.com .

    We also have Formula Truck 2013 standalone for only US$ 14.90 during the remaining of this sale, for those who already own GSC Extreme - Click here
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  2. its pretty much criminal that formula truck isnt just free dlc for gsce owners WHO IS WITH ME
  3. I agree with Reiza and am more than happy to pay for both. The quality of everything is great, plus I'm sure the license for the trucks costs a bit. I don't think it is criminal that they are charging for both, in-fact I think Reiza fully deserve the income from both products - even more-so considering how in-expensive both products cost.
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  4. Reaper

    Premium Member

    Not getting paid for your work is criminal ;)

    Been meaning to get Forumla Truck for a while now, was a no brainer at £10.50 :D Just need to work out some usable G25 settings.
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  5. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    whats more criminal is ISI charge nearly £30 for rf2 lol!
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  6. Reaper

    Premium Member

    That's still below the RRP of the majority of games being released at the moment, when you consider simracing is a very niche market we're lucky devs choose a sensible price point for their games instead of something higher like you get with Flight Sims (£50+ for Xplane 10, several hundred for Pr3pared)

    One way to look at it is going to the cinema costs £10~ for a ticket, for what? 3 hours entertainment max. rF2 is £30 and offers potentially unlimited playtime.

    But if £30 is still too much, then perhaps a cheaper hobby would be better.
  7. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I agree. but for 30£ i would consider pcars, or a few experiece pack for RRE. For that you get quality finished products. Rf2 sorry isn't worth its weight in gold. It needs a few years to mature i think.. But from their point of view new engine etc etc. Maybe it is..
  8. Every single dollar ive spent on moddable racing games has been well spent eg Race 07 and the other simbin titles,rfactor 1 and 2, asseto corsa etc not just because of the creators but the community thats created mods for them.
    all those years ago playing pole postion at the local pizza shop or crammonds f1 on my commodore amiga i never imagined how awesome racing games would become.
    that being said bought this game and downloading it has been a tiny bit similar to the tape drive on the old commodore 64.
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  9. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    ol c64 i remember my first cpu lol.

    codemasters grand prix. lol

    Did gsce even make the sshhhooeeekkoooseeksooosshhhuuu noise when loading up>
  10. Just wanted to say thanks to Reiza for this. Bought Formula Truck yesterday and now look forward to adding both it and GSCE to my Steam library very soon.
    I had the Commodore Vic 20 that preceded the 64 and I remember that old cassette tape drive VERY well... lol
  11. Just got it! Best deal ever!
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  12. I just got Formula Trucks too. Great deal @ £10.50. Can't believe anyone would moan about that cost. Some people pay that much for a pack of cigarettes or a few beers.
    Jeez people, just buy it and support these great developers who are keeping our hobby going. :thumbsup::cool:
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  13. Yapci

    Premium Member

    Is this still avaliable? Because when I try to buy it says 37€ and 30$ is just 26€ or so...
  14. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium Member

    The deal has expired, and you will no longer receive steam keys if you purchase it outside of steam now.