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GSC:E won`t remember my Activation

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by ouvert, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. ouvert


    Serial key I recieved to my email is working, at least it says SUCCESS! GAME STOCK CAR 2013 IS UNLOCKED! but somehow game is unable to remember the activation.

    When I start the game it shows menu with my 11 minutes of trial left. I press ACTIVATE and enter my serial number.
    After activation when I press LAUNCH button it will start the game but it will end the game after 11 minutes (after time I have left from Trial version) and it goes back to menu where it says THANKS! YOU CAN UNLOCK FULL VERSION BY CLICKING 'ACTIVATE' and I can choose EXIT, ACTIVATE, BUY NOW!.
    If I Exit and launch game again it still says I have 11 minute of trial left. Doesn`t matter how many times I try it, still 11 minutes left .. (could be dozen times so far .. )

    Also game is unable to remember my controller profile, I need to load it manualy every time.

    I have tried to redownload the game and reinstal it, I tried to lauch it as admin but with no luck.
    My game instalation is on nonsystem HDD, folder name is default one (GSC2013).

    Anyone with same issue and more luck to solve that ? I`ve already wrote to reiza support but maybe there is someone here able to help ..
  2. Not sure but perhaps you can delete the hidden reiza folder in the programs data folder of windows. It is an empty folder , not sure about the exact place. Delete it et reinstall everything
  3. ouvert


    folder wasn`t empty but it didn`t help .. thank you anyway
  4. ouvert


    solved by reinstalling windows .. must have been a registry mess thingy :)