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GSC Driver Training request for advice on throttle control

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rick Malm, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. This question comes from looking at Ai driver vs my driving when I follow them when they are at 100% (I can win 1st at 70%). MoTeC plots of AI are at 100%.

    1st I found my error in breaking too early, then increased the speed of my footwork getting on an off the breaks and throttle but I still get on the throttle too early and AI still pulls away out of the corners. What to do?
    Since the question requires some images I put the discussion in a PDF. Maybe you can help me with what to do with the footwork of the throttle timing.
    Maybe overbreaking before the apex vs carrying speed through it?

    Maybe missing apex results is scrubbing of speed too much and I am feeling I need to get the throttle on to get the time back since the ground speed at the apex is always lower than the AI's ground speed? So maybe is a result (compensation of another earlier error).

    If you have time to look at the PDF and give some advice it would be very helpful.
    The YouTube video posted earlier today is current and related.

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  2. Just skimming over the pdf you seem to be answering all the questions you have. Your obviously realizing that your too slow in some parts and need to speed up you footwork so do just that. As far as trying to get a 55sec lap at Brasilia your setting yourself a pretty steep goal there. I did a few laps and got a 56.9 but there isnt a whole lot of time to find in just 4 turns. Really need to focus on exit speed since most corners lead to a long straight which means you have to apex a little later and by doing that you get a better launch out of the corner.

    Keep in mind once you start setting the AI above 100 percent they start to cheat to be faster. So the data you might get back from them is probably impossible to actually do.
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  3. Thanks for the comments. Hitting the apex at just the right angle and spot seems to be so important and to do that with a combo of brake timing and turn-in is tricky. When you hit it right it seems so easy but then to do it again.....hmmm. Still getting on the throttle pretty early and going wide at the exit as a result.
  4. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    Just a thought mate, while we all want to go as fast as we can, don't let the pursuit of the last 10ths spoil your enjoyment of the race. It's possible that you get your kicks from finding every drop of speed in a lap, and if so :thumbsup:.
    But while hot-lapping is fun, all those perfect lines aren't worth much in a race. And unless you're from Alpha Centuri, like @Troy Barman and others :laugh:, there's going to be someone faster than you on the track. Come join an online race, and you'll find the 100% AI aren't that fast after all