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GSC DQ finish status cause unknown and questions re LOG entries definitions

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rick Malm, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Trying to figure out why I got 5 DQs in a row. I have never be able to finish a SINGLE RACE without getting a DQ. Yes I did Gsync. Also notice the AI cars dont even finish the 20 laps.
    Also tried turning off tire wear, turning off fuel usage,
    using time instead of laps (failed to reduce lap count down from 20), fewer laps (failed to reduce lap to checker flag). All same results, I get a DQ.
    I guess this code has just not been polished yet.

    Several questions follow that might help me debug the problem.

    In the GSC LOG, what does the point field value indicate during each lap?

    Point values I see are 0,1,2. What does each value mean?

    What is the ok range for contact and what is the contact the results in DQ?

    What does the field credits mean?

    DQ Examples
    My 1st, 3rd,4th,5th Single Race: DQ everytime, unknown reason.
    All I see in the log LOG is DQ at the end of the race with no reported incidents.
    <System et="1217.4">Disqualified: 21 Laps (-0 credits)</System>
    <Score et="1217.4">Rick(0) lap=21 point=0 t=-1.000 et=1217.397

    I did hit escape on the 21st lap after the race was over.
    I tried going into the pit (Auto Pit) to avoid and chance of speeding, and entered the Auto Pit area very slow. < 60km/h and once I just hit ESC in the middle of lap 22.
    I did not need to pit, I filled up with gas for plenty of laps? Dont know why AIs are pitting, I set Tyres rule OFF attempting to keep them on the track.

    2nd DQ case happened on my 2nd SINGLE RACE: I had a minor bump with another car.
    In the LOG, one can look at the contact value, must have small range that is not a DQ? I ran several
    races letting AI drive my car with lots of other cars (30). Got incidents with contact up to .52 with no DQ.
    Lap 9 ok
    <Score et="639.8">Rick(0) lap=9 point=2 t=44.473 et=639.750</Score>
    <Score et="639.9">Atila Abreu(6) lap=4 point=2 t=43.821 et=639.885</Score>

    In Lap 10 got a tap in my rear from another driver (he tapped me ) and this shows in replay since I did not remember getting a bump.
    <Incident et="647.4">Atila Abreu(6) reported contact (0.10) with another vehicle Rick(0)</Incident>
    <Score et="652.2">Galid Osman(10) lap=4 point=0 t=-1.000 et=652.159</Score>
    <Score et="654.6">Fabio Fogaca(2) lap=2 point=1 t=19.789 et=654.544</Score>
    <Score et="654.6">Rick(0) lap=10 point=0 t=59.282 et=654.559

    End of lap 21 extract:
    <System et="1320.8">Disqualified: 21 Laps (-0 credits)</System>
    <Score et="1320.8">Rick(0) lap=21 point=0 t=-1.000 et=1320.787</Score>

    At the end of the log, I was in the PIT, after lap 21 and hit ESC but got
    I dont think a minor incident cause a DQ or was it the way I finished?? Or this this a bug.

    Thanks for any advice....
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  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Hello Rick,

    A lot of questions, I don't think I can answer them all.

    There could be any number of reasons for being DQd. For example, perhaps for some reason you picked up a drive thru penalty which you didn't take. Perhaps you have set a mandatory pit stop and didn't take it. I can't know. It's also possible, though I am not confident in this opinion, that it was a glitch. Perhaps try using the GSC sync tool to make sure all files are up to date.

    The credits, I believe, are referring to credits/money you'd earn in rFactor, where you could be penalised and have credits deducted for breaking any rules, etc. It's not applicable in GSC.

    The way you are hitting escape to return to garage seems fine to me; that's what I do with no problems.

    Hope that helps.
  3. perhaps there was one more lap to go? when the time is up, there is mostly 1 more lap to drive... do you saw the checkered flag?
  4. Maybe speeding in the pit in the 2nd case but I was not paying attention but in the 1st case I did not every pit. I did not setup any mandatory pit stops unless its hidden in from .ini file for single race. All the AI did seem to pit. As for penalty, I guess extra laps is a safe idea for awhile until get more experience. I did not see a notification at the top left of the screen and I did not look at the LCD other than watching my lap times.
    Yes, did GSCsync.
    Will keep trying.
  5. tobias, in the 2nd case, yes, I saw the checkered flag. was not looking in the 1st case.
  6. Tried again at Single Race and got a DQ at the end like case 1 above. Race went 20 laps (even with setting single to 5 laps, fuel off, tyres off, AI guys were still pitting, so just in case I did a pit using Auto Pit to insure pit speed was ok. No incidents. Did see the checkered flag in 20, did 21 laps just for sure. Still get a DQ. Dont see any messages in the HUD or upper left of screen. Before hand I did do s GSCsync.

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  7. Nox

    Staff Premium

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  8. Do you get a DQ if you finish last? After I saw the checkered flag on the 20th and then on the 21st went to the pit and stopped I say that a BLACK flag was added. hmmm.

    I just tried to create a help request (conversation) per Andrew's suggestion.

    I did my 5th SINGLE RACE with lots of AI cars, AI at 70% and set the Race type of race to TIME=5, It ignores my TIME, runs 20 laps to the checker. I was in 1st, but I end and get a DQ.
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  9. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    @rickmalm I've never had GSC ignore the race laps I've set. Have you downloaded GSCSync? It's about halfway down the page. Drop the file into your main GSC2013 folder and run it. It will check all you files are correct.
  10. Yes I have done Gsync several times. v4.1.4.1. Even redownloaded it to make sure it was not corrupted. Not only does setting laps fail to cut down the number of laps but I tried setting race for time (5min) it failed as well. I tried AI=70%, no tyre wear, no fuel, no rules. Was in 1st place, got 1st at the checker on 20 laps, ran 21 and Auto Pit lane, hit ESC and show DQ and in LAST place.

    No cars passed me, I dont think any finished more than 14 laps as shown in the LOG. Txt version of the LOG attached for @Reiza Studios when then get time. I will just have to keep track of my times and just enjoy the driving, but I wish I could get more AI cars on the track at one time. Another thread suggested a way to edit the gbd file and force AI car pit strategy using PitStopStrategies. One has have to type each drivers name in. (example attached) GSync will want to rewrite the edited gbd file if one makes a change to it so one have to re edit after each Gsync (or just a file copy of backup of that gbd file).

    I did try something on my 6th, 7th, and 8th SINGLE race. I let AI drive my car 99% of the way, AI set to 70%, I was in 1st place at the checkered flag each time, the PIT wrench came on. I let the car Auto Pit, after the car lifted for the pit stop and dropped it showed me in the garage, I hit esc and I was in 1st in the ranking list. NO DQ. I also tried esc before the car dropped, no problem. I wonder if my earlier DQs were because I did not pit on lap 20 when the pit indicator came on. I will keep testing.

    Sidebar: I did try PitStopStrategies but it does not completely stop other AI cars from pitting but maybe setting lap 21 is invalid. Could try 19. Attached file for those interested. You will have to change filetype back yo gdb and put it in the Locations\Brasilia\Brasilia2, since I can not upload gbd filetypes directly. Out of 30 cars after lap 10 at least 20 cars were always in the pits.

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