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GSC closes to desktop with 30+ cars

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Vinicius Ferreira, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. This happens online and offline, and it happens only when i am in the pit-lane, when i on the track, the game works fine.

    Sometimes it completely freeze, and sometimes a have Visual C++ error.

    I have W7 pro with latest updates, i've already tried to do a fresh install, lower graphics settings, put "high priority in processor settings", put "afinity with all cores", disabled replays, etc

    less than 30 cars game works fine.

    But i had no more ideas....anyone?
  2. upgrade RAM
  3. It could be, as i have only 2GB, but it is enough according ro reiza, it says in recommended settings.

    I monittored RAM usage, when i was online, with 30 cars, and it was using 1,60 to 1,80 GB.
  4. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Same problem with a teamate. He had to lower graphics (opponents details and track details). He has 2GB on vista.
    1.80 GB is lower than 2 GB but don't forget that you have windows running too!
    GSC needs 3 GB to have high graphics and more than 30 cars I think. (and a good system too)
  5. OK, i have a Core2Duo 2,8GHZ, 2GB RAm, Geforce 450GTS 1GB

    Now what i have to do lower RAM usage?? because the game runs pretty well in my system, no slowdowns.

    and 1,8GB is the total memory usage, windows and other aplcations uses 600 MB, and GSC 1,2GB.
  6. I've just tested, i lowered opponent and track detail to lowest, all the rest is maxed out, game runs fine with 32 cars in offline mode.

    RAM usagem now is 1,6GB, now i need to test online.

    Thx for the help.
  7. Reiza says 2GB, it's a guideline really.

    but i tend to work it out like this for my games.

    if the game company says 2GB, i take into account (if i have 2GB) that almost half or a quarter is used up already with windows, the rest will try to run the graphics and then the physical side of the game (online gameplay)

    for instance, if i had 2GB, and a nVidia 8800 GTS 1GB Memory , my PC is over the minimuim settings, but that does not mean i can run my Graphic Settings on high , infact i would be lucky to run them on medium with a full servers.

    The More ram you have, the better you can run the game without having to stress your PC out with high graphical settings along with 28+ Players online, it's simply far to much to ask for with such small ram.

    Lower all your settings to low, then test offline with 30 cars and gradually up the AI Drivers until you know the PC has reached it's maximuim.
  8. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium Member

    Today the same happened again. Until I was driving, everything was fine, smooth and without any problems with 30+ drivers on server and everything on high (graphic), exept shadows on medium. At the moment, when I went in the boxes, game freeze and same message showed again.


    Intel quad Q9550, 4gb RAM, 2x4850 CF (12.6 drivers), Vista32, so system is good enough to run the game.

    Any suggestion what to do, how to fix this? Tnx.
  9. Matej i fixed and raced tonight with 33 cars in race department server.

    The fix is to lower some of the graphics:

    Track detail: LOW
    Opponent detail: LOW
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  10. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Yes the problem seems to be related to the Game becoming unstable at high memory load - it´s not necessarily reflected in poor FPS. You need to bring the setting down a notch, particularly settings that are very memory consuming, like opponent details, texture quality, and number of visible vehicles.
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  11. If i have a dual core (3.4Ghz) with 4GB of ram what would benefit the most in terms of avoiding high memory load?..
    a) lowering opponents detail from FULL to HIGH.
    b) lowering the number of visible cars from 20 to 15 (with 30 car grids).
    c) lowering the texture quality from full to high.

    I have only experienced a couple crashes when trying to do 30+ cars per race with everything on full (except for shadows on high), its not an issue with 24 ~ 26 cars which is what i use the most. i am just curious to know how the game works in terms of visual effects settings.

    Thanks Reiza
  12. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium Member

    Thanks all, I`ll try your solutions tomorow hoping everything will work fine :thumbsup:.
  13. Its a mess if you lower number of opponents visible, because a lot of the cars will be "invisible" for you, and will show up in your face when you are close to them

    So in my testing, lower opponent and track detail solved the problem.

    I have number of vehicle visible: 105 LOL
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  14. On a similar note, if it's of use to anybody, I read a while ago that GSC does not use all the cores on multi core machines.
    If you right click on your GSC shortcut click properties then in the Target line add +fullproc to the end it allows GSC to use all cores.
    Old news for a lot of users but worth repeating.
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  15. Patrick Giranthon

    Patrick Giranthon
    Premium Member

    Dont forget that the dynhud can cause runtime error.
    If you want to erase it, don't forget the file in the root of the game.