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GSC 2013 Mirrors query

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Rick Plange, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Hi guys. Firstly I downloaded the Hi Res mirror pack but am having an issue. I chose the required file and changed the name to MIRRORS.bmp. I then placed it in the vehicles folder but I still have the standard low res mirrors. Also is there a way to adjust the angle of the door mirrors to angle them so I can see behind me rather than out to the side.

    Any help with this would be hugely appreciated and make this fantastic sim absolutely perfect for me.

    Best wishes,

  2. Good questions. I would like to know this info too. Hate that the mirrors are looking to the outside.
  3. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    Hi there.

    File name needs to be MIRROR.bmp. (Not "mirrors". Drop the "S" )

    Try Holding down shift key and use arrow keys to adjust mirrors
  4. Hi Robbie. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately still no joy. Am I replacing an existing file in the vehicles folder?
  5. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness


    by default there is no mirror.bmp located in GSC2013\GameData\Vehicles folder

    so when you first copy one of the higher resolution .bmp files into C:\GSC2013\GameData\Vehicles (replacing c:\ with your install drive path) it will be new

    so after renaming the file to MIRROR.bmp, it should look like this:

  6. thanks Robbie, i will try this myself in a few..
  7. Hi Robbie. Thanks for your time. Here is a picture of my screen to see if you can spot anything wrong:

    Cheers buddy.
  8. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    looks right to me....???

    what view are you using to drive? im not sure if that affects it or not. I only drive from cockpit view. I will try the other views tonight. did you try the highest resolution mirror as well perhaps your just not noticing (but im sure you would even with the lower higher res ones)
  9. Hi again Robbie. Yeah defo only cockpit view for me. I'm running triples with a bezel compensated resolution of 5930x1200 and an in game FOV setting of 35. Have tried all the different resolutions for the mirrors but still no joy. Dont know if this matters but when I open the bitmap image it only shows a white background with a solid black line running across it. Is that normal.
  10. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

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  11. A little unrelated but how do I enable virtual mirrors?
  12. how can i move the side mirror? its facing towards the outside of the track. i cant figure this one out.
  13. As far as I know, you can't change the angle of the side mirrors. Holding down shift key and using the arrow keys doesn't seem to do anything at all, but it does work for other cars in other rFactor based games. If there is a way to do this in GSC, I would very much like to know how since the side mirrors are not very helpful without an ability to adjust them.

    To enable virtual mirrors in cockpit, do this...

    Browse to the folder:
    Program files... \GSC2013\UserData\Your_Name\

    Open the following file with notepad:

    Search for the following line:
    Virtual Rearview In Cockpit="0"

    And change it to be:
    Virtual Rearview In Cockpit="1"

    I normally do not like using the virtual mirrors in cockpit when I drive stock cars, because I just feel like there are too many mirrors everywhere and all of the movement in the mirrors distracts me.

    By default, the side mirrors normally look bad because they show they only seem to show the side of my car. The rear view mirror looks better and shows the rear window frames and wing, but there is a way to clean up the normal mirrors.

    This setting will remove all of the objects from the side mirrors and rear view mirror, but it will still allow you to see your wing in the rear view mirror.

    Self In Cockpit Rearview="1"

    But the wing will look slightly disconnected as if it were hovering a few inches above the back of the car, but you can fix it so it doesn't look like it is hovering by stretching the mirror slightly vertically using this setting:

    Rearview Height="13.30000"

    Now when I drive my stock car my side mirrors do not show the side of my car and my rear view mirror looks nice and clean with no window frames, and shows only my wing - and the wing doesn't appear to be hovering. Pretty cool :). This is the setup I normally prefer to use.

    Another alternative would be to remove all objects from the side and rear view mirrors with this setting:

    Self In Cockpit Rearview="0"

    ...but it doesn't look very realistic without the rear wing in my opinion, but it doesn't look bad either.

    Oh, I am using 5120x320_MIRROR.bmp in the bottom 2 images. Thank you.

    The whole kit and caboodle...

    I am also currently using these very awesome driving settings (for pro-drivers only)...

    Look Up/Down Angle="0.40000"
    Leanahead Angle="1.00000" // TILT HEAD ON ANGLE
    Look Roll Angle="0.90000"
    Glance Angle="0.90000"
    Lookahead Angle="0.35000" // TURN HEAD HORIZONTALLY
    Head Physics="1.00000" // HEAD BOB
    Head Rotation="1.00000"
    Exaggerate Yaw="0.80000"

    Seat Adjustment Aft="0.10000"
    Seat Adjustment Up="0.00000"
    Vertical FOV Angle="57"
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  14. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    Thanks for all your tips there... gonna try them out now. your screenshots look good, love your car BTW.
  15. Hello, i have the problem that the mirrors doesnt show whats behind me they show whats in front of me. Would be nich if someone can help me.

  16. Wow, that is very strange. I've never heard of anybody ever having that problem before. Did this problem start from the moment you first installed the game, or did it occur later?
  17. set moving rearview to 1 in player.ini

    greetings Mikk
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  18. Quickmikk2, where is player.ini file?
  19. Thanks Mikk. Was with the same problem after inadvertently changing that line to 3.
  20. Jose Ortiz

    Jose Ortiz

    Hi Andy. Did you get this sorted? It is happening to me now... Thanks.