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Group B is for Men!

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Parrish, Dec 11, 2015.

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    I believe this thread should be in here, but if you think there is a more suitable place, please let me know. Basically its not a game for everyone to join in with, more of a 'story' as such, based on what im doing with DIRT Rally. If anyone frequents the Operation Sports forums they may have read the dynasty section, where players recap their career etc from whatever game they are playing. Well this is based on that premise.

    With that out of the way, let me try to cover off some background:​
      1. Im using DIRT Rally (PC) and the Group B Cars within that game. Now I know I am unable to run a full replica Championship, so ive setup my own fictional Group B series which I can (and probably will) evolve as I get more into it and understand more.
      2. I am not a racing game expert at all. I am not even an expert on the sport itself, although having watched every last piece of Group B footage/documentaries I can find on Youtube, I understand alot more about the history and majesty of this era of rallying.
      3. Yes I use a pad atm, right now I can have fun with the game. Its not perfect, im not at the game either. But until I get a wheel setup (Christmas fingers crossed!) then this is how I will be playing the game.
    Ill also add in here the Championship setup:​
      1. I will use each of the 6 rally courses in the game once, each holding a rally of 3 stages (created initially via random) and all cars will compete on the same track and conditions.
      2. I am using the custom and as far as I can tell correct liveries via mods for each of the Group B cars. The Lancia S4 will have 2 entrants and that will total 8 drivers for the initial season.
      3. I will race for every car, using a serpentine rule for subsequent rallies so that the car going 8th in the preceding event, will go first in the next (to help with me learning the tracks and thus the same car not benefiting from that)
    Feel free to prod me with questions if there are any, I am actually 3 rallies into the season as ive just got carried away with it. So ive plenty to update and hopefully share with you all.​
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  2. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    This isn't the right Forum, but I have sent a message to get it moved to the correct one. :thumbsup:
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  3. May the Gods be with you!
    Group B 'Monsters' head for Greece
    by motorsportmagazine.com
    When the FIA announced the arrival of a new rallying category, aptly called 'Group B' the motorsport waited patiently for the season to begin. With 6 rallies announced for its debut season and 6 different car manufacturers putting their keys into the hat, fans of the sport have had alot to look forward too.

    With the teams ready to announce their driver and car lineup in the coming weeks, the FIA today outlined their schedule for the debut season and it comes as no surprise to see the destinations chosen for the Group B cars.

    The hot and dusty roads in Greece will host this years opener, with 3 stages set in the mountainous ranges of Argolis. With the weather expected to be as hot as the race itself, the teams will have to be fully prepared in order to face this unique challenge under unique conditions.

    FIA President Jean-Marie Balestre said "We have had alot of debate as to where we would go with our new category and felt that if we want the publicity, then we need to put Group B into high profile rallies straight away"

    Following on from Greece, the teams will fly to Great Britain to compete in the Rally of Wales, then onto the tarmac roads of Germany before a brief 3 week break at the seasons mid-point.​

    Group B will then return in Scandanavia as Sweden and then Finland will host events in back to back weeks, before a historic finale in Monte Carlo, a dream finish for all rally fans and especially those investing in the Group B category.

    It promises drama and excitement and be sure to stay up to date as the inaugural Group B season unfolds right here at motorsport.com​
  4. Italy Calling!
    Lancia headline Group B; Audi and Peugeot expectant
    by motorsport.com
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Above: Toivonen (Lancia) and Rorhl (Audi) are touted as this years favourites in the Group B category

    With the season around the corner and teams putting the finishing touches to their setup, we finally got the official announcement of the cars and their drivers for the opening season of Group B.

    It has been no secret that various manufacturers had been vying to put forward a car for this years Championship, however the almost shock and sad news is that we wont see Renault or any of the Japanese manufacturers take part this year, notably Toyota.

    Their loss however is arguably the gain of those that are competing and none more-so than Italian based Lancia, who not only have 2 different chassis in the category, but will also see a 2nd driver represent them in a Lancia S4 Delta thanks to private investment.

    With Lancia coming to the category with their much vaunted S4, its a surprise that Italian driver Massimo (Miki) Biason will be competing in the Lancia 037 EVO2, a rear wheel drive option that may well struggle against its 4WD younger sister.

    Germany will be well represented as although the promise of a Porsche 939 came to nothing, Audi will bring the Quattro and Walter Rorhl as a potent combination, whilst British driver Russell Brookes will drive the only other RWD in the Opel Manta.

    Audi's Rorhl spoke at his unveiling, saying "I am delighted to get this drive, we have spoke in great length about how we want to develop this program into being the dominant factor in Group B and this is the first step for us to do so"

    Perhaps more excitingly for the neutral will be Peugeot and their 205 T16 coming out of production in time. A car spoken highly of in various circles and boasted about almost repetitively by Team Manager Jens Todt. The French based team will benefit from having one of the 3 Scandanavians behind their wheel, as Finn' Juha Kankkunen gets the nod.

    Finally across the Channel will see the entrants of Austin Rover with their MG Metro R64 and Ford with their RS200, both well backed cars, although slightly off the radar in the current hype of the series.​
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  6. Goodness Gree'cious Me!
    4 cars limp home in brutal opening rally for Group B drivers
    by motorsport.com

    Occasionally emotions can get the better of humans and none more so that the rally fans who heralded the new era of Group B, as their expectations were higher than anything before them.

    However those will have been somewhat tempered today as the shakedown of this weekends rally in Greece, saw just 4 of the entrants finish the rally, with the other 'half' of the drivers all failing to finish the 1st stage due to one reason or another.

    The stage conditions played out as expected with the dry, hot weather leaving an arid surface on some tight roads in the Greek hills. However it appeared that none of the teams came prepared well enough, with all 8 of the cars having at least one issue to contend with.

    Onto the racing itself and it proved to be a heartbreaking afternoon for Audi and Walter Rorhl, as with a healthy lead going into the final stage, a right rear puncture midway through his last run would cost him dear and eventually 1st place.

    Gleefully hanging on to that top spot would be the Italian Fabrizio Tabaton, who missed out on the chance to drive for the headline Lancia team, but came to the party a little later thanks to additional investment to earn him a drive.

    Tabaton said "We felt good out there, im sure all the drivers hated the final stage it just didnt feel right for me with the speed we had. However we got here in the end and I thank Lancia and my sponsors for ensuring we were here today to compete and we move on to Wales with confidence"


    Tabaton would be one of the three Lancia's to all come home and claim a finish in the rally, albeit 'Miki Biasion almost limping past the finish line in his Lancia 037 EVO2 after a torrid final stage.

    For those that failed to finish, not only do they not collect any points but they will have questions to answer. Opel's Russell Brookes left his car halfway down a Greek hillside as he lost control on a tight corner. Blomqvist and his Ford RS200 will rue an early mechanical fault that left him unable to continue, whilst both Tony Pond (Metro) and Kankkunen (Peugeot) saw heavy impacts leave their cars irreparable and out of the rest of the rally.


    A tough start for the drivers and a less than glamorous opening set for the Group B category, as im sure everyone involved will hope for a more competitive and less destructive event in Wales.


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  7. De'Ja Wales!
    Tabaton and Rohrl take 2, as Lancia are tops!
    by motorsport.com


    It may have come a rally later than they hoped, but the spectacle of Group B came to life in Wales as a wet and muddy rally bought the best out of the teams as Tabaton in his Lancia Delta S4 would edge the victory once more, with Audi yet again ruing a stage 3 meltdown.

    Walter Rohrl had once again edged his Audi into the lead going into the final stage, only for a lapse in concentration to cost him time, as a brush with a wooden fence would cause his Quattro to lose coolant and thus power.

    Rohrl remorsed "I only have myself to blame, I came into a bend too fast and with the conditions slippery I was unable to save the situation. Forutnately we could continue but with the loss of drive, I knew our chances of winning this rally had gone"

    The beneficiary of Rohrls mistake? Fabrizio Tabaton as the Italian has now won the opening 2 rallies in his Lancia, with a steady effort that saw him post the fastest time in the 3rd stage.


    Other notable efforts saw Henri Toivonen in the works Lancia storm ahead with a stunning 1st stage, only to lose all that hard work thanks to a puncture in the 2nd stage that left him with too much work to do to recover. Whilst the Ford of Blomqvist and Peugeot of Kankkunen both got their first finishes of the season, coming in the top 4 and finally getting to show off their cars in all their glory.


    Tabaton leads the Championship on a maximum of 30pts, 6 clear of Walter Rohrl who will now head to his home rally of Germany with it all to prove.​

  8. Home Comforts!
    Finally Audi triumph in dramatic German rally
    by motorsport.com


    A frantic and fast paced rally in Germany as the Group B cars got their first real taste of an all tarmac event, with 3 stages set in perfect conditions. For Audi and Walter Rohrl it was a case of playing on the old adage of '3rd time lucky' and that would prove to be the case as they edged out the challenge from Brookes (Opel) and the unlucky Toivonen (Lancia).

    In fact it would be dramatic car damage to the Lancia of Toivonen that would scupper his almost certain win, as he dominated the times through stages 1 and 2. In the final stage, he would cut a corner and lose one of his wheels from the front of his car. Fortunately he was able to limp round the remainder of the track, but he lost too much time to remain a challenger.

    A disappointed Toivonen said "The car was brilliant today, it showed what this team is capable of, but I made a mistake and it cost us the victory. Looking back its probably a case of me taking it easier on the stage, but the car was fast and we just wanted to keep pushing"


    Rohrl on the other hand was almost perfect and although the Audi wasnt as fast as the Lancia, Rohrl drove to perfection and could celebrate as he crossed the line with a 14 sec. cushion over the Opel of Brookes.


    Championship leader Tabaton had a tougher time in his Lancia, clocking disappointing times throughout and rolling home in 5th. Whilst further futility came in the form of Blomqvist and Kankkunen as both drivers would end up with their second 'DNF' of the short season thus far.

    However it was Audi and Rohrl's day to shine and it proved to be the perfect setting for the German Car and Driver to claim success in their home rally.

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  10. Stig, Snow and Sweden!
    Group B heads to the ice; Blomqvist hoping to revitalise season
    by motorsport.com
    Above: Blomqvist is hoping for a better weekend as he comes home to race in his Ford RS200
    Its been a thrilling opening half to the Group B season, but not for everyone and that includes Sweden's Stig Blomqvist who has managed to complete just 1 of the 3 rallies this year.

    Blomqvist will be hoping for a change in fortunes as he returns home to Sweden to race in conditions as native to him as the palm of his hand. With forecasts warning of snow, the track already laden in the 'white stuff' will only get better for Blomqvist and arguably his Scandinavian compatriots in Toivonen and Kankkunen.

    Blomqvist spoke earlier this week saying "I am excited to be back home, I am excited to see what this car can do in these conditions and the team is looking forward to something better as an outcome"

    Outside of the 'Stig Show' as it will undoubtedly be with the Swedish fans, the Championship race will continue to heat up as Rohrl holds a slender 4pt lead over Tabaton and will be looking to consolidate his record of finishing in the top 2 of every rally so far.

    However its sure to be a big test for all of the teams and drivers as they put their cars on a new surface and under new conditions for the first time. If the previous rallies are anything to go by, expect drama, excitement and probably a crash or two before the weekend is out.​