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Grinds My Gears

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Antony Snook, May 6, 2012.

  1. I love F1 and believe it is the gratest sport in the world. Many believe it is dull and uncompetitive but lack the knowledge to remember stuff like Coulthard in a McLaren held up by Bernoldi in a Arrows Cosworth (A really bad car) Or Webber getting 6th in Australia in a Minardi Cosworth for 1 point and getting on the podeom for the locals.

    Its not money as BAR Honda and Toyota would be world champions by now as there budgets where bigger than Scuderia Ferrari. You need to use money wisely. Big teams spend money on microchips and technology that's is usually unreliable so mid budget teams like Schumacher at Benetton beat them on reliability as there cars are less complex.

    All you trash talkers can watch the stupid IRL series where teams and drivers are scared of technology and innovation in F1
  2. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Was there a purpose to this? Or just a rant?
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  3. Webber got 5th for Minardi and not 6th ;)
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  4. You know why Ferrari spends less than Toyota and BAR did?
    Because their brand is so strong.
    I talked with an engineer for the company Öhlins dampers (whose done dampers for IRL, CART and Toyota in F1).
    They tried to get a partnership with Ferrari but the negations broke down, why? Because for Ferrari the question was not how much they were about to pay Öhlins, it was more about how much was Öhlins prepared to pay for letting Ferrari use their dampers.
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  5. i doubt that was the reason. Ferrari did by no means spend "little"
    They spent a whole lot of money but the fact was Honda and Toyota had bigger purses.
    Ferrari spent more then Mclaren and i think we both can agree that Mclaren does not have a stronger brand.
  6. I think some teams are prestigious names like Ferrari and Lotus. Williams was a big name in the 80's and 90's but no now. Williams are ether dominating up front or scraping the barrel. Why key personnel shift. Michale Schumacher and Ros Brawn, Jean Todt where the brains of Ferrari domination. When Schumacher left the team had to reinvent itself. Roy Brune is the designer and probably only key person on team. And Alonso is the secret weapon.
    Adrian Newley was the brains of Williams now he has left for McLaren and Red Bull.
    As for McLaren not being a big name they are but they only built race cars. in 1993 they have gone into the luxury road car market with the 3 seater and done some FIA GT stuff a strong team and name but not as big as Ferrari. They are probably the most recognized car builder in the world.
  7. sorr
    y my bad
  8. Its a intresting topic
  9. Rory Byrne does not design Formula 1 cars anymore, he´s merely an advisor for Ferrari these days.
  10. Wait a second? You love technology and watch Formula One? That doesn't fit together as Formula 1 forbids any form of innovation in favor of a better racing. If you're into technology, there is WEC.
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  11. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I'm sorry but that's BS. F1 is still the pinnacle of leading edge technological development in motorsport. There's no bigger example of that than KERS.
  12. KERS... Sorry but hybrids were racing in LeMans in 1998 already. The thing that needs to be develloped around hybrids and electric cars in general, that's the battery technologie, and this is not happening at all in Formula 1. Of course neither in WEC. However LeMans is the heritage of such things like whipers. Also Audi's ULTRA technologie is something that will get important with full electric vehicles, to reduce the weight of a car.