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Grid position in the championship

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Nebehr, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. I have a feeling that the game uses OriginalGridPosition instead of CurrentGridPosition to determine starting grid positions in a championship race. For example, if I complete the qualification on 1st place, skip the warmup session and go straight to race, my position reverts to 25th.

    What I do for a workaround is quit the game during warmup, change RaceSession to 10 and OriginalGridPosition to be the same as CurrentGridPosition, then restart. This way everybody starts on their correct positions from the qualification.

    I use v1.01 on WinXP if that matters.
  2. I have a champ in course, if I want to have my qual position in starting grid skipping some minutes I have to do this:

    - practise (here I can save the race)
    - qual ( here I cannot save the race otherwise I am 25 in grid next time I open FT, if I want skip some minutes I have to push "finish session" and then "next session"
    - warmup (if I want skip: "finish session" and then "next session")

    I know it's a annoying issue already in GSC, hope REIZA could do something
  3. Well, in my case this solution did not work. This time all cars completed their 20 laps in the qualification, so "finish session" option was inactive. Then I proceeded to warmup and clicked "finish session" there, as suggested, but starting positions in the race were still mixed up. Funnily, this time I cocked up and finished 25th in the quali, but was promoted to the 1st in the race. :)
  4. That is weird, as long as I do not exit out of the game, my 'next session' option works fine, and I can click on next sesson to skip warmup, I do not lose my gris position.
    If you are suddenly promoted from 25th to 1st, then surely you must have changed something else? Maybe in plr file or cch file?
  5. No, I did not.