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Grid launch fail 24/7

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Mark Richardson, May 29, 2011.

  1. Xbox controller, Manual gearing, TC OFF, ABS OFF, racing line on depending on track, some I am new to.

    I struggle to get a good start off the line, no matter whether I half rev and hold until lights go, or full rev it, I either wheelspin or severely have a slow launch, is there any tips??

    I am pretty fast with the controller, however it took me ages to get tc off to work...the launch is my weakspot, is there a button I should be using to aid me?

    or am I just going about it all wrong?

    thanks for the help =/ not one reply with so many views.
  2. James Robertson

    James Robertson
    Premium Member

    I have heard people complain of this before, from what i can remember its pretty much down to flawed AI.

    They always get a ridiculously fast start.
  3. You will probably find that if you ask a sensible question, which you have, if someone knows an answer, they will most likely reply, however often is the case that if they don't know, they won't reply, most likely because they are hoping to find an answer too.

    For me, you already stated all of what I know about starts, 1/2 revs, power the engine, trying not to wheel spin. If you watch some of the driving hrt style by andrew bortz, in particular at Malaysia I think, he drops back 10-15 places or something due to the AI starting fast.
  4. no mods to fix this then? im using glads real ai via the 2011 conversion, would true ai 1.4 be better?

    The reason I use real ai is because front runners are actually hard to catch and will lap back runners twice in a 75% race distance, for me that is almost perfectly realistic to the current season, where as before I could be the wdc in my first season with virgin, which got boring as you can imagine, however this is my first real attempt at no assists in career, kind of hard with a controller.

    I guess ill just have to cope and try to win back some places, which is going to be a nightmare at monaco.
  5. I wish I knew the trick as I also struggle from starting with no assists.

    It is possible though as I've raced a chap a few times online (PS3) and he absolutly blitzed me on the start when assists were banned.
  6. well I am only losing one place now.

    I rev to just under the shift indicator until last light then gently floor it, I pull off pretty fast now havent had a wheelspin yet and only lost one place because I qualified quite high in a hrt with williams and force indias behind me lol