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GRID Autosport Thrustmaster T500 RS Settings

Discussion in 'GRID Autosport' started by Andre Konetzka, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. I can´t get a good feeling with my wheel. I used the same settings for older Codemaster titles but it doesn´t feel right. Maybe someone can share his/her settings?
  2. tested your suggested settings is it alot better thanks!
  3. Hi Andre, Her are my settings.

    In T500 Control Panel : 360 deg of rotation.
    In Gain Settings : 70% / 100% /100% /100% .
    Auto Center by wheel 70%

    In Game / Advanced wheel options.
    Deadzone 0%
    Saturation 95%
    Linerarity 1%
    Throttle Deadzone 15%
    Throttle Saturation 100%
    Break Deadzone 5%
    Break Saturation 100%

    In Game / Vibration / 80% 80% 80%

    I too struggle to get the right feel and I hope this helps.
    I'm happy with the game so far as it is an improvement on Grid2

  4. These are my settings which i am very satisfied for now:

    T500RS Profiler
    Rotation: 360
    Overall Strength: 80
    Constant: 100
    Periodic: 100
    Spring: 0
    Damper: 2
    Auto-Center: 12% by Game

    Vibration: 40/60/60

    Wheel Option:
    Deadzones all: 0
    Saturation all: 100
  5. On my TX, I've settled on 30/70/40. Unfortunately, I would prefer 30/65/40 but I can't change the strength in increments of 5. 60 feels pretty good for many cars and 70 feels good for others so I wish I had a 65 setting.
  6. This might sound like a stupid question but how do i set this settings per game dont wanna mess up with general settings , i play iracing asseto, race room and other that are ok with 900 degrees and my current settings
  7. Hi Lino, I don't think you can set preferences like rotation in game. I know my G27 had that option to set rotation on individual games though.
  8. Your going to have to change your wheel rotation to 360 or less in your wheel control panel. GRID Auto doesnt work well above 360 degrees.
  9. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Using 900 deg and loving it, works real nice in the tin tops. I do turn down to 540 for the open wheelers, :)
  10. dam..sigh

    Tx for the answers guyz Thrustmaster could do some profiler per game :/
  11. Not sure how you enjoy that Rupe unless you just prefer really slow steering. One of the developers, Loore, on the Steam forums even stated that optimal setting is around 300 degrees. At 900 degrees, it feel like the car is turning in a wet concrete. Even the cockpit wheel in game is set to somewhere around 300-360 degrees visually.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
  12. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

  13. I'm using TX on PC, pretty sure these would also apply to T500
    Game appears to default to 270 DOR. Below you will see the calculation for Steering Saturation giving you 1:1 steering at your highest wheel DOR
    TX Profiler
    Rotation: 900 (T500 = 1080)
    Overall Strength: 75 (default) 60 for T500
    Constant: 100
    Periodic: 100
    Spring: 100
    Damper: 100
    Auto-Center: by Game

    Vibration Settings = 40/70/40

    Advanced Options:
    Steering Deadzone: 0%
    Steering Saturation: 30% (270/900 = 30%) (T500 would be 270/1080 = 25%)
    Steering Linearity: 0
    Throttle Deadzone: 0%
    Throttle Saturation: 100%
    Brake Deadzone: 0%
    Brake Saturation: 100%
    I've only raced open wheel, have not tested any other cars.
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