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GRID Autosport Logitech G27 Settings

Discussion in 'GRID Autosport' started by Corey Sullivan, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. What are you all using?
  2. I'd like to know as well what settings work well w/ the G27. Do I set Profiler to 900 deg? In-game, I don't see a way to set steering angle.
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Haven't got the game yet, but have you tried using the wheel settings from GRID 2 or F1 2013?

    Hope somebody can help by posting their settings.
  4. your right; not much adjustabilty for G27 in game......set my rotation from logitech profiler....my wheel is at 320°......in game have vibration on......70%...100% wheel weight....70% thats high i know but i like more feel to the wheel.......0 deadzone on all.....0 linearity for steering.....100% saturation on all.........anyway works for me......;-)
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  5. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I always find it amazing how different people like there wheels setup. Just hoping I can find something that gives me the feel I want or at least can live with.
  6. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Settings that work well for me on the G27

    My profiler is in Dutch but I will try to translate it properly:
    Enable special settings for force feedback devices
    Total strength of forces: 107%
    Strength of springeffect: 0%
    Strength of dampereffect: 0%

    Enable Centerspring
    Strength of centerspring: 0%

    Enable special wheel settings
    For open wheelers and prototype 270 degrees feels best and seems to match wheel in game.
    For street, touring etc. 540 degrees felt good for me, but this one is subject to change.

    Don't allow game to change settings.

    In game:
    Go to vibration
    Vibration strength on 40%, anything above it just gave me to much rattling.
    Wheel strength on 80%
    Wheel weight on 30%

    Leave the settigns in advanced wheel settings as default, they are fine how they are.
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  7. Thanks.

    @Jeff Parfitt, yes I might find that heavy, but will give it a try.

    @Frank van Oeveren, do you mean you have 2 profiler settings with different wheel rotation (270 and 540) for the game? Or how do you activate each wheel rotation before starting the game?
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  8. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    @Joel Locsin I alt tab to the profiler and change the rotation, you don't have to restart the game. Your game window will be a smaller window tho, just select it and then press alt + enter.
  9. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Here is some thing else thats available for a logitech g25/g27 wheel
    It is used in GSC for a quick change of wheel rotation
    Here is something i found and thought it was very good i tested and it worked..:thumbsup:

    if you have your Logitech profiler set to 900 Deg and want to drive the karts
    Normally i had to change to another profile and set the profiler to 240 deg for example..

    well with this you can do it on the fly real easy..
    just press the 2+1 button and the T to make you Logitech adjust itself to 240Deg it brilliant..
    luv it..

    tested on G25 and should work on G27
    copied from here
    thanks to OdeFinn for this:notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:

    Personally haven't know it before.

    Instructions later if people think at this is something what they want to know.

    [1+2] + O = ~670°
    [1+2] + S = ~450°
    [1+2] + X = 900° Resets to default
    [1+2] + T = ~240°

    1 and 2 buttons goes down almost same time, I have used order 1-2 and then selection without any specific delay, then releasing selection key and also 1 and 2 buttons.
    *After many tests can say at just hold 1+2 down and then select TSOX-mode which you want to use.
    Have done it everywhere, on track, on menus, so doesn't matter where, only doing it after wheel calibration, 'coz calibration resets these modes.
    If you keep small tension on wheel when switching to 0deadzone mode you feel small *klak* and movement of wheel.
    After successful mode change you feel it when turning wheel toward lock, there will be a FFB-engine powered lock what you feel on chosen radius.

    I have figured this out yesterday so not much testing yet, hopefully somebody have time to test this also on PC, 100% sure at it will have effect on PS3.
    Hardware coded feature, works on PS3 and PC.

    G25 confirmed also to work same as G27
    Works also on DFGT (1=start 2=select) (some works, some not..weird)

    If you like it please tell me it also, and if understanding better some of those modes please tell here it also and we'll update this post.
    (c)OdeFinn (lol)

    Swapping between the karts and V8 just got a whole lot easier

    Works in all the sim's ive tried it with Good old Logitech. Never even knew this excisted:)
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  10. Thanks @Rupe Wilson, yes I use this too (saw it at GT site). Was just wondering if @Frank van Oeveren had different profiles so that when running the game, I'd be good to go. Nonetheless, both this and Frank's methods work. Thanks.
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  11. @ Rupe Wilson.....thanks for this......i'll have to give this a try.......i did not know about this feature either........this is why i like RD forum so much......always learning something new........;-)
  12. i like the way it is... The only thing to say the truth is adjusting the strength to 100%!!
  13. Thank you. I used your profiler and in-game settings as a base, and I ended up with 70%/60%/30%.

    I drove the open wheel cars fine with 540 deg. Seemed ok enough to not have to change it back and forth. And I don't use my shifter knob, so I can use those on-the-fly settings.
  14. Frank

    Administrator Staff Premium

    You should really try 270 there, makes them drive a lot better, it is also closer to the real thing ^^.
  15. James Woods

    James Woods

    is linearity, deadzone and all those settings missing again for pad users? I don't like playing noob games like this with wheel, too lazt and it's just not needed, i use pad. Without linearty setting tweaks etc, pad uses can't compete with the top wheel guys, fact. They in there when you plugin a pad or not? i can't see them so far :(
  16. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Have to disagree that pad users can't compete with top wheel users as we have a couple of incredibly quick pad users in our Xbox league and our 2011 Champion who was super quick did it on a pad too :O_o:. I've no idea how they do it as I can't go in a straight line on one lol
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  17. James Woods

    James Woods

    Do you mean GRID 1? GRID 1 had the settings I'm speaking of, hence why I'm annoyed they are missing here.

    Of course, you can be very, very fast without tweaks, but i am not just talking about being competitively fast, but literally as fast as the engine allowed you to do a lap under any circumstance. I'd need these settings in the game like they show when i plug in my T500, or i know from my short testing that i won't be able to compete with the fastest PC wheel guys like i did in GRID1. I mean, i'm speaking of Touring mainly, and guys like 28ace82, gledson, vazda, flowa, etc. These guys were legendarily quick and i bet other PC GRID players will remember these names and how god-like they were for fast times.
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  18. I'm using a G25.

    On default settings, the wheel was too sensitive and the car was too twitchy. Very similar to F1-2012 and 2013 on default.

    I then used my settings for my F1 2013, with the logitech profiler set to 330 degrees, things felt better for me.

    Since steering feel is a very personal thing, I suggest just copying your logitech profiler settings from previous codie games and try it out.

    hope it helps some of you.
  19. Does anyone know how to get the throttle working on G27 ? Thats the only pedal i can't configure and it works fine in other games.