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GRID Autosport is LIVE in North America!

Discussion in 'GRID Autosport' started by Blkout, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Time to race!
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  2. i like it.....
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  3. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Let us euros have some feedback then ;)
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  4. Tomaz Selcan

    Tomaz Selcan
    Premium Member

    Is there any RD community for grid autosport on steam?
  5. PRO: First impressions, physics feel much improved compared to GRID 2, much more like the original GRID, certainly no Assetto Corsa which I don't think anyone thought it would be.

    CON: For some reason, at 900 degrees of rotation, the wheel feels extremely slow, I can't believe in a game as modern as GRID Auto that we still don't have proper support for a 900 degree wheel. I had to lower my DOR to 360 in the Thrustmaster control panel which feels pretty close to 1:1, 540 DOR also works but you will have to turn the wheel quite a bit more to get the response you want. 900 DOR feels like you might as well be Rally driving and having to spin the wheel all the way around to take any turn.

    CON: FFB is meh, I'm still trying to find settings I like. It has a vibration setting, strength setting, and wheel weight setting. The default setting is 50/100/50 which feels awful on my TX. Way too heavy and very unresponsive, a lot of shake in the steering wheel which feels like a cobble stone road. The vibration setting controls the road and curb feel, I turned that down to 20%, anything more feels like cobble road even on smooth tarmac. I like my strength setting at 60% but this one will certainly vary with preference, but anything above 60% starts to feel like clipping to me and becomes too difficult to change directions quickly. The last setting, wheel weight feels like friction when releasing the wheel, at 100%, the wheel feels slow to get back to position, at the default of 50%, its not bad but I prefer a little less at 40%. At 0%, it feels like the wheel isn't attached to the car, just very floaty with little resistance. So far, 20/60/40 has been best for me.

    CON: I haven't had time to try all disciplines and cars, I played with the Tuner discipline a bit, mostly muscle cars. The rear end of those cars will step out pretty easy if you stab the throttle coming out of a turn without any assists. Gently squeeze the gas pedal and you'll get a smooth lap or learn to drift like a pro. After trying some more cars, it seems all rear wheel drive cars are all like this. AWD and FWD handles pretty well, but RWD cars are a handful and the rear end breaks loose constantly.

    EDIT and UPDATE: I previously said the FFB was meh, but after more time with it and getting it adjusted where I like it, I can honestly say it feels very good with my Thrustmaster TX. I like 30/70/40 and it gives a good feel on all of the cars. This game is the first racing game/sim that I've ever actually enjoyed drifting, the FFB is so good for drifting.
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  6. Tomaz Selcan

    Tomaz Selcan
    Premium Member

    Can anyone make comparison HD textures vs. original textures?
  7. I don't have time to make a comparison but right away, I didn't notice any difference. I read on the Steam forums from the developers that the biggest difference in the 4k textures is the liveries.
  8. Tomaz Selcan

    Tomaz Selcan
    Premium Member

    Ok, thanks.
  9. PRO: Graphically, the game is pretty, but so was GRID 2. Its also nice to see more real world tracks again. It seems to run very smooth on my setup, that's with the 4k textures enabled and all graphics options to the max, v-sync enabled, it never drops below 60fps to matter what is happening on screen. i5 2500k @ 4GHz and GTX 780, 1920x1080 on my HTPC.

    CON: The AI is pretty rough, downright brutal. They love to bump, push and spin you around which can be infuriating for people that have become accustomed to racing clean like myself. I find myself using the flashback feature at least once per race to correct the asshole AI.

    CON: I also haven't figured out a way to get this game to recognize my TH8RS shifter, but as I recall, I couldn't get GRID 2 to recognize it either. When I go to controls and set them for manual shift with clutch plus H-Shift, then go to customize controls. it shows a clutch and 8 speeds to map, but when I try to map them, it doesn't recognize that the clutch is being pressed, or any of the gears on the TH8RS. I wonder if this game only accepts one USB input device.
  10. I could not find any way to shift at all. No sequential, nothing. There just isn't a mapping for using a shifter of any kind.

    Is there a buried trick to turn that on? In that case why would it not allow me to map a shifter anyway? Just for future use.

    I did 2 laps and I am about to uninstall the thing. I am furious with myself for falling for the Codemaster doublespeak again.
  11. I know it sounds like a lot of cons but the game is actually pretty fun, its an interesting challenge. I can only hope they will address some of these issues with feedback from the community.
  12. I was able to use sequential shifting when I use my paddles. Simply choose manual shift with sequential. Then go to customize controls and scroll all the way to the bottom of the button mapping and you will see upshift and downshift, just assign those to paddles.
  13. I'll try that thanks. But based on the first few laps I did, maybe I should instead try to give myself a root canal. I hear you can save a lot of money if you can do that.
  14. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    You have to go to I think game settings and select manual, its not on the controller page unless selected first - auto is default. I'll give it a little time, I was hoping for better physics but maybe gameplay will provide some fun.
  15. I found how to shift manually, but apparently there is no way to map the shifting excepts to the paddles. I wanted to map it to my DSD sequential.

    The other thing that's driving me nuts is that I pick a race of 10 laps at the A1 ring with 15 minutes practice, I make sure I save everything...
    and I am at Jarama, in a 3 lap race no practice.

    On top of that, the AI seem to be more focused on hitting you than driving and the physics are just ridiculous. You really have to go out of your way to miss a turn.

    The cars in front slide better than the rally guys and I get to the turn way too hot, my car just beautifully slides sideways like I haven't done anything else my entire life.

    I also first drove a Chevy Cruze but in the second race I picked a BMW. Absolutely no difference in the way the two cars drive.

    I am very disappointed in this game.

    plus no pit stops in the "Endurance" mode? I read that yesterday someplace. Hilarious. One of the most exciting aspects of modern racing and a pivotal part of endurance racing and these guys just get rid of it. Probably too much work and their focus group told them people don't like them. Like they did with the cockpit view.

    For those of you having fun with this aborted thing here, more power to you. I envy you.

    For me this is it.
  16. I've come to the conclusion that this game only accepts one USB input device so it won't recognize a separate shifter. I read on the Steam forums that guys with G27's are having no issues with the manual H pattern shifter and I'm sure its because GRID is picking it up along with the wheel as one USB input device.
  17. My conclusion this far is that this is GRID 2 with slightly better physics, and more real world tracks. That's it in a nutshell. I will still enjoy it since I never expected a true sim from the Codies, those looking for another alternative to Assetto Corsa, iRacing, rFactor 2, etc, look elsewhere.
  18. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    No way was this ever marketed or meant to be competition for Assetto or iRacing. But I think it's quite a few steps away from GRID2. I'll give you a for instance...

    I got on and immediately went to the IndyCar. I could not believe how floaty and slippery it was. Then, I started tinkering. I'm sure if I can tinker, you computer guys can tinker much more.

    My problem was lack of FF, not to much. So I had to dial it way up to 90% on the Fanatec CSR and 100% on the game, both settings. I have a separate setting on my wheel that will amplify environmental effects. But it sounds like you feel them plenty good. That bodes well for the Madcatz and MS wheel users. I talked to a Madcatz user today who was very happy. I have two settings on my wheel pre-mapped. One for touring and one for open wheel.

    The touring and open wheel Sen (rotation) are set to "off" and it works perfectly. Another good sign for MC Wheel users. In fact, the preset says "Microsoft Wireless Wheel" With my wheel, and open wheel, I had to really get into the crux of the handling. To me, the biggest problem that remains (and only problem), is the brakes. With ABS off, you are going to lock up no matter what you try, unless you have a super expensive set. I just turn ABS on. I'm not too proud. I does not hurt the lap times all that much. In addition, I had to get rid of that float, and that was accomplished by the Sen setting, but also dRi and SPr settings. The first allows you to correct mistakes more quickly. It was meant for drift, but comes in handy when you want to smooth out the path of the car. That in combination with the Spr, which allows the wheel to "snap back" to center more easily was a huge improvement in the handling of the IndyCar. And just like F1 2012, you have to go to extremes with tuning. Max Downforce, Max Diff to open, and almost full left springs (very soft). Combine all of this and you have an open wheel car that rivals F1. Of course they screwed up the pits and of course they screwed up the fact that these cars will flip the moment they hit sand, but they also have flashbacks and the damage doesn't kill your ability to compete unless it's red. I suspect the F1 crowd and the PC crowd will say it's not up to their standards.

    Of course, the A.I. and the graphics for us console people are outstanding. I have never experienced more intelligent A.I. Sure they are a bit bold, but so are real racers. You have to work to pass them and they will pass you when you are not looking (well, that's another conversation...mirrors...hope we get them).

    If you keep the races short and clean, you can have some good ones in open wheel. Just give a flashback or two (nothing more than a pit stop on the track), and you can have a great race online with the right people. N, it's not the same "feel" as F1 2013, but I would argue that F1 is almost too planted, too sterile, too smooth, and too much like driving a car that is radio controlled instead of trying to feel what it's like to be in there.

    And I think they nailed the touring cars. Maybe among Categories they are similar feeling, but not across Tiers. They are very well thought out and so much fun to drive. That is where the game really shines.
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  19. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    There are a few concerns for me in there Robert… any assists required for me are a no-no so are you saying it is not playable without ABS? Maybe more of a worry though is this ‘floaty’ feel I have read about several times now. Unfortunately on the MS wheel we have no independent settings to play around with to eliminate this in the way you seem to have been able to do. The only adjustments we have are those in the game. If you remember I had some real problems getting things to a level I was happy with after the patch for F1 2013 but this ‘floaty’ feel seems to be more of an issue than that.

    Short races are not really what I want to experience here, you know my feelings on that front.. I can go the Forza route for that ;-) so I hope this isn’t an indication that for longer race addicts like me the game is not quite there.

    I assume that you can at least assign a button to glance back? If not the lack of mirrors (which I thought had been resolved) is another issue to consider.

    Somebody has said that the cars have a feeling of the F1 2013 classics, would you agree with this?
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  20. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    In some ways the cars are more realistic than F1 (even the classics) and in some ways they are not. I can't really get inside your head to dissect your personal preferences, but I think you know where I stand...realism and feel of racing over certain checklists. Of course, if this make the game unpopular, at least I will have something to do until project cars comes out.

    But I raise my right hand and tell you that the "floaty" feeling is not there in Touring, unless it is supposed to be (unlike Forza, where all cars drive the same). I owned a Mini Copper S for five years. There was virtually no difference between this game and race pro in that respect (have you ever driven it on Forza?...it's a joke) -- quick but not muscle, great brakes and handling, and the feeling like you can be in a "big boy" setting (the graphics are tremendous) and race this wonderful car and feel like you are in it. I just hope real people pick it up, but I fear the F1 and PC snobs have taken over the expectation game here. Like I said, the biggest flaws are no pits combined with a well developed damage model (both internally and externally) and the ability to not lock your brakes in open wheel. Of course, it may be my settings or my pedals. We shall see. (By the way, this does not apply to non open wheel). The little detail is unlike anything I have ever seen. Like a movie. But hey that's just my opinion (I actually looked up at one point to see two pretty distinct birds flying over me at Brands). But I'll never convince you if you just don't like it. Only way to know is to play it. What else do we have? F1 is getting old. It's great, but it's the same thing over and over. NASCAR is unplayable on line but it's fun too.

    Well, how about some reviews from actual people