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GRID 2: Video Review (Xbox 360)

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by RaceDepartment, May 31, 2013.

  1. RaceDepartment

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  2. Why is there two reviews? I rented the game.... Grid one was fun and different... this takes a step back and lose lots from the first game... Save your money re-buy 1 or keep playing Grid 1
  3. How should this game not be compared to its predecessor?, It is Grid 2 correct.... After the let down of F1 2011 and 12, good games but extremely buggy, I didn't expect much but this was a new low for Codemasters, and I brought my pre-ordered copy back the first day.
  4. Dustin, I should have been more clear. My point was, yes, it's the same franchise -- but after a 5 year gap, we had to expect some significant differences. Racing games are rarely "sequel-like", meaning, they rarely are chaining anything story-wise from one to the next. I like the Career Mode fine, BUT, I think Codemasters out-thought themselves a little. I would have been equally happy with the same exact type of career mode.
  5. I am enjoying Grid 2 just fine, but I'd be lying if I said I like it more than Grid 1. I just loved everything about the original.
  6. After a 5 year gap it should have took steps forward, it did nothing new or innovative and removed features from the original game...
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  7. Except spam us with fake twitter garbage WTF were they thinking but as I said I didn't expect much since it took 3 years to acknowledge a bug on f1 2010 that was still a bug in 2012 and still never got patched
  8. I still don't understand how a driving game can choose to omit cockpit view. Out of all views, this is the most integral to driving.

    I'm sure a lot of arcade gamers like the chase view. But, the less than 5% usage of cockpit view is probably a flawed statistic or just a lame excuse to shed off the extra time a cost to make internal models and textures. Or maybe just laziness on their part.

    My son actually likes the game, it would have appealed to me too as an arcade race game if it had the cockpit view.
  9. Bram

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  10. @Acid

    Nice job
  11. Rob Gray

    Rob Gray
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    Grid 2 servers were empty here in Aus, a few nights ago, at 10pm. Not a good sign sp early in