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GRID 2 Racing Club Feedback

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by Paul Nadon, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. We had great fun tonight at Brand Hatch. Some of the members asked if we could have all the same cars to make it more fair. Also I'm not sure if everyone had done upgrades to their cars, but that would certainly give someone the advantage. I'm really not sure why that's even in the online portion of the game.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions guys, every piece of advice is welcome :)

    Instead of restricting everyone to the same car, I'm now matching and selecting cars that are about equal to eachother - both performance wise and the driver level needed to purchase. My plan is to at least erase the chance of seeing races between cars in the lower part of a tier and the upper part of a tier. That is my plan for the upcoming events and we'll see how it pans out. Events where everybody uses the same car sounds really fun as well, I'll look into it and will set up one in the near future.

    Regarding upgrades, I think you're right. Unless people want to protest against it, I'm disallowing car upgrades for the the upcoming events to see how it turns out.

    That said, sign ups for the next couple of events are now open! :)

    It's been really fun thus far and perhaps we'll see some new faces soon. Come join us and have a laugh on TeamSpeak while we race ;)
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  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I hope to free up some time this week to join as well.
  4. The way the online works, one needs to participate in countless mayhem in order to gain "cash" and levels to unlock cars, sorta makes it more likely that one will "upgrade" a car just to make the punishment of running so many online events in order to progress (sorry about the run-on-sentence)....

    That being said. I don't really mind running non-upgraded cars. I also am not adverse to having mixed cars. Since the Club fields are currently so small, I think it's important that the mixed cars are fairly evenly matched. If we had a larger group, I don't think that matched-performance cars is that important.

    Having said that, it looks like I need to spend more time online to get enough cash to buy some "stock cars" ;)
  5. im off on hols for 2/3 weeks guys but I am interested in having some firm but fair racing,sick of the demolition derby players online ,so when I get back I,ll drop in and join you all if its ok :).Oh and btw you can take off upgrades to cars in the upgrades section and put them back on later to race with the morons .:)
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  6. Are we running any of the club events with Damage on?
  7. First couple of races I turned Damage to Full, but I think after that it has been on Visual Only
  8. As of today, I'm introducing the Weekly Club Championship for the GRID 2 Racing Club. Drivers will get points for each race they participate in according to their finishing position, At the end of each week the final standings will be published.

    With 9 races being run a week, this is the points system:

    1st = 18 pts
    2nd = 16 pts
    3rd = 14 pts
    4th = 12 pts
    5th = 10 pts
    6th = 8 pts
    7th = 6 pts
    8th = 4 pts
    9th = 2 pts
    10th = 1 pts
    11th = 0 pts
    12th = 0 pts

    Do your best and become the weekly champion :thumbsup:
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  9. By the way, I've got a lot of people in my Steam friends list who should participate in some events ;) You know who you are, haha
  10. Stephen Austin

    Stephen Austin
    xSRx FullBoost

    love it. would it be a good idea to snap a screenshot of the results? just in case
  11. Yeah, I'll do that for every race :) Should I not be there, I'll tell in advance so that others can make screenshots
  12. I would vote for Full Damage..... This makes the club events removed from the "I can win by using the walls to keep me on track mayhem" we see in the public online events. I know that those that drive in the club events are not a menace, but having damage on, levels the playing field for drivers that like to race as if in a real car in the real world. Just my humble opinion.

  13. Here's my thoughts...

    Each week: One event that is Muscle Cars (for the hobos -- err I mean drifters), one event that includes a choice of Drift, Balanced & Grip, and one event that all cars must be Grip (for the planters --- err I mean those that are firmly rooted to the ground). This give one event where the drifters are king, one event where it's buck-dancers-choice, and one where the drifters "may" be at a slight advantage (grip only).
  14. Where is everybody? What can we do to make the Club Events more attractive? I can't believe that everyone is having a blast trying to run with the yahoos in the open online events. The club events are one of the few times I can truly enjoy Grid 2. We are trying to match out the cars so that we are on even par (not cruise missiles vs. tricycles).

    I know that the weekday events are not convenient for the State-side members. But what else is holding back some of the folks who have listed themselves in the Friends and joined the RaceDepartment Grid2 group on Steam?
  15. Is there going to be a PS3 club event soon? :)

  16. Only if someone organises one. I don't have a PS3 nor do I have a X360, so can't set up any events for them. Feel free to do it yourself, though! Just copy one of my posts and make it into a new thread.
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  17. Unfortunately my PSN friends list is full :(

  18. LOL there is a limit to the amount of friends on PSN? Ugh, consoles..
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  19. Tell me about it :D