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Grid 2 Lobby Symbols

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by James Chant, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Has anyone figured out what all the symbols are in the online lobby?

    I've sussed a few but others I can't work out.

    There's a little red wheel in one core et which shows the user is currently racing,

    There's a little turquoise circle with a + in it which I assume means a modified car?

    Then there's the circle on left next to speaker symbol, so far I have seen this in white, green, yello and red, any ideas?

    I thought connection speed maybe?
  2. some1 explain me that the "!" means how clean is ur driving, worse u drive more the color tends toward red,

    when possible the MatchMaking will try to put urself in a lobby with similar colors.
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  3. Very good, thanks, this makes sense as all the idiots have red symbols
  4. Like ErasmoCBT said it shows how clean is your driving and it's called the Impact Rating !

    White = The cleanest
    Green = Clean
    Yellow = Neutral
    Orange = Noob
    Red = Idiot
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  5. Yeah this made sense last night, although its still useless because if someone smashes you off I can still downgrade your colour. I hate the lack of penal system for ramming, and no ability to kick from session (xbox version at least).
  6. Don't know about xbox but on PC i get smashed a lot by others but i'm still white and for kicking only the lobby host can kick.