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GRID 2 Latest News & Discussion

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by Leon Charmant, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. General information

    Release date: May 28th (US) and May 31st (UK)
    Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3 and PC
    Game engine: EGO v2.0 (updated version)


    - Steam account
    - A full list of minimum system specs will be posted when available.

    Gameplay features

    GRID 2 will feature one handling model that has been fine tuned for each individual car so that it is accessible yet challenging and fun for all players. There are no assists present such as traction control, auto-braking and a dynamic racing line, though you will be able to choose between using automatic and manual gearing.
    GRID 2's physics engine runs at 1000 samples per second, twice as many as Forza 4 and Gran Turismo 5.
    The game will feature a tire deformation system which, whilst taking into account the tread of the tyres being simulated in 3D, calculates what forces are being played on the tyres and thus determining the grip of the car.
    The car damage system in GRID 2 is a similar but much more developed version than the one seen in the original GRID. Every car has around 30 different impact zones with realistic behaviour based on crash test data which allows for nearly every aspect of the car to be deformed. Damage will affect the performance of your car based on the state it is in. Every bit of the car that breaks off remains on the track for the entirety of the race and can influence the player's car when hit.
    The game will not feature a cockpit view. The main reason for this is that a highly detailed in-car view has a too big impact on the performance. According to Codemasters, the number of people not using the cockpit view greatly outweighed the players who do, therefore they opted to use the available processing power for other purposes. A statement regarding the cockpit cam has been released, read the post below
    GRID 2 has Single-player (including an expansive career mode), split-screen and multiplayer. The multiplayer mode, using Codemasters' integrated RaceNet, will be seperated from the single-player career, meaning you can't bring your career cars to an online event. The multiplayer will instead have its own campaign in which you have to set up your own goals to progress.
    The AI has been vastly improved and has now become a dynamic feature. Your behaviour towards your rivals will have an effect on how they behave towards you.
    A big aim for GRID 2 is ''Total Race Day Immersion''. Street circuits and tracks will see larger number of spectators, sponsors and spectacle as you progress and rivalries will develop between you and the other drivers depending on your and their actions.
    Potential features include wet-weather racing, car upgrades/tuning options and more expensive licenses of well-known brands like Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini. All were hinted at, but have not yet been confirmed through official statements.
    GRID 2 will feature a new dynamic LiveRoutestrack changing system that allows the layouts of Street racing tracks to be changed in real-time. This feature is optional and will work in singleplayer as well as multiplayer. This feature can be seen in the GRID 2 Eurogamer Expo developer session video that is listed below. It starts at the 35 minute mark. For an article on the LiveRoutesSystem, scroll down this post.
    Car upgrades have been confirmed for GRID 2, along with a ''shop'' to buy them in. Most likely the currency for these items will be in-game money.
    The selection of cars will span a total of four decades. Cars are devided in 4 seperate tiers which are not based on horsepower, but on a car's overall performance.


    GRID 2 is spread over 3 continents: America, Europe and Asia.
    There are 3 main race types: Street, Track and Road racing. Street racing entails racing through the streets of Chicago, Miami and Paris, much like racing through the streets of San Francisco in the original GRID. Track racing focuses on racing at real world circuits such as the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi and other to be announced venues. The latter of the three, Road racing, has you racing on windy and dangerous mountain (based in California) and forest roads, derived from the Touge mode as seen in the original game.

    Official articles

    - GRID 2: The LiveRoutes™ System
    - GRID 2: The Lighting
    - GRID 2: Handling and the TrueFeel process
    - GRID 2: Four Months Gone
    - GRID 2: Release Date, Pre-Order Details and More!

    Community articles

    - GRID 2 Interview - Multiplayer, Customization, Career Mode, AI and more!
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  2. Statement regarding the cockpit cam:

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  3. In Youtube:

  4. Thanks @Ryder25 and @lyolik :) Added the new videos to the list. Will be on the lookout for more written information about the game during the next few days!
  5. Added: 49 minute long developer session at Eurogamer Expo 2012. It covers damage models, a new dynamic track changing system and contains new gameplay footage of the BAC Mono around the Red Bull Ring circuit.
  6. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

  7. Bram

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  8. Updates to the main post:

    - Added two official articles on the LiveRoutesSystem and the Lighting system
    - Added one community article
    - Added a screenshot
    - Tidied up the entire post with bullet points
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  9. Bram

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    December Screenshots here
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  10. Main post updated, thanks!
  11. Added two official articles, two new screenshots and further detailed the confirmed car list. Hopefully more to come later in January / beginning of February!

    Credits and thanks to the always useful GRID 2 - Codemasters Forums
  12. I could never come to grips with the physics and handling in Grid and while I did like the graphics and some of the racing experience, the fact that Grid2 won't have cockpit view makes the game a non-starter for me. It might as well be hovercraft racing with machine guns and nukes but, I have always been in the minority anyway - just sayin'.
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  13. I hope Grid 2 will be more realistic game like Race07 than arcade like Grid

  14. dunno what to say yet..kinda cheap.
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  15. Awesome find! Well done :) Yeah, seeing it's a promotional video for GRID 2 it's kinda tcheap, but this gives us a good impression of what it'll look like, plus the confirmation of another track. Also, they hinted at telemetry data. Would be great if it were in the game!

    Added the new info to the top post
  16. Looks okay to me at least the part from 0:20 to 1:30. If they fix how the car goes sideways with ease and then centers it will be an awesome sim :coffee:
  17. That's the key design feature of the handling that Codemasters are going with. Remember - GRID 2 is not aimed at being a full sim. We'll have to see more gameplay video's to properly judge on the handling first, though.
  18. Added a new screenshot of the MP4-12C driving at Brands Hatch. According to Codemasters' community manager, they ''should have some news very soon that I'm sure you'll really like''. Let's wait and find out!
  19. GRID 2's box art has been revealed, along with an announcement of the release date: GRID 2 is coming to stores May 28th (US) and May 31st (UK).