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GRID 2: Indianapolis and Drifting Showcased

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by RaceDepartment, Mar 22, 2013.

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  2. Hmmm, it looks very, very arcadey to me. I was hoping for something leaning more towards sim-cade or perhaps further towards sim. And after all this talk of no interior view it looks like they have actually done some work on the interior. To be honest I'm not fussed about the detail of the cockpit as I'm looking out of the windows, it's the FEEL of being in the cockpit i like. Oh well.
  3. Of course. I wonder why they don't just make decent physics for normal people and mess these up in an optional Arcade mode for more casual drivers who like to slide all over the place.
  4. It's clear that GRID 2 is not intended to be a sim, which is an obvious continuation of the original game. It's meant to be fast, slidey and action-packed for a great saturday night with friends :)

    I too would have liked a more 'realistic' handling option, but then again I never used GRID's advanced handling mode and always stuck with assists since I found that to be the most fun. Luckily everybody is entitled to their own opinion
  5. without cockipt? do not give one dollar
  6. Having no cockpits for this game is really NOT a very BIG issue for most of us fans and it ain't the grounds for not buying GRID 2. In fact, I do love the first GRID and it seems GRID series is really catered for arcade racers and for some intermediate sim racers like me who just wanted to give a break from hardcore sim racing games.
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  7. As a cockpit fan im disappointed, grid was a good game. Why take something away that people want? No doubt it will be a flop...reminds me of ridge racer a bit =( Drifting still looks fun though..
  8. The answer is simple. Most NFS series which is very arcade sell much much more better than GRID. The arcade / casual player market is just too much bigger than the serious sim player.