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GRID 2: Fire Up Your Engines!

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by RaceDepartment, May 30, 2013.

  1. RaceDepartment

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  2. it should be good online but the only thing that i didnt get is why no cockpit view!!!
  3. Codemasters got some feedback from a survey about their race games on PC/Consoles which showed that only 5% of racers used the cockpit camera view.

    So based on this they decided not to include it in GRID2
  4. Hopefully there will be many races on weekends. ;) Weekdays is just to early for me to join(EST).
  5. Andrew

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    I am looking forward to have awsome races and a lot of FUN . ;)
  6. This is a good answer why no cockpit view, but the truth is that every developers have to make a full 3D detailed cockpit view for each car to use a cockpit cam, and more easier to give us this anser than build them all from scratch.
    one more thing: may it will be released in the future by a DLC ... Who knows

  7. I just heard about this survey, it makes sense,
    but here is the thing what makes GRID 1 is the cockpit view, and here is the other thing, isnt it kind going backwards, i mean a cockpit view means a whole lot of work im talking different physics, different camera reaction,,,,,, and so on, what that tells me, they just took the short cut and they just didnt bother with it!

    but thats just me!
  8. According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, there are modders already at work on the PC version GRID2 to add WIP low res in car cockpit views.


  9. Daz Webb That's right.. the ''modders'' they are talking about are actually RaceDepartment members ;) Check the Mod subforum and you'll see
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