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Grid 2 crashing with Nvidia 500 & 600 series cards?

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by Tony Crabb, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. So who is having problems with the game.
    I have an Nvidia GTX 550 ti and I've had a few problems; One, the screen goes black, but there is sound in the background looping away merrily to itself. And then there's the crash to desktop and this is a nice one, if someone sends you a message through steam, the game will also crash to desktop.

    I've been in contact with CM for the last couple of days. They asked me to send them a DXdiag, which I did. But I had already sent them an Event Error logs which they didn't give any response whether this was of any help.
    Then they ask me to use msconfig and turn off any background stuff, which I did (set it back to what it was originally). Then next they wanted me to change an .ini file, did that also. Next was to go into Steam\Grid 2 exe properties and type in -safemode.
    Did any of this work? of course not, as it isn't my end, it's their shoddy programming..... so far an epic fail on CM's part.
  2. There's no reason why it couldn't be a problem on your end. Try googling for the problem you're experiencing, there's bound to be people having the same issue with other games than GRID 2.

    I'd suggest you make sure the game is installed properly by verifying the integrity of the game cache. To do this, right click the game in your Steam library, select Properties and go to the Local tab. Then select verify integrity of game cache. Also, did you try running it as administrator? Slim chance these are going to solve your problem, but it's better than nothing. The internet is your friend in this case
  3. Peppi is having a similar issue, but he's using SweetFX which is causing the trouble.See this thread
  4. Leon I did the file integrity thing also, plus I uninstalled the game and re-downloaded it again as some peeps via google said this might work, but nope.
    I used google first before asking CM support.
  5. Such a shame to hear :( Do keep searching for a solution, there's gotta be one
  6. it could be steam mate ,it has caused problems for me in the past with different games ,especially if someone messages you in game ,try on the steam forums ,there could be a fix on there .I have a gtx660 and have not yet ;) experienced these probs but ,touch wood ,and I am lol ,it wont happen
  7. Steam doesn't have a solution as yet. But I turned off the messaging system on Steam, so for now that has solved that problem.
    The CM forums are full of players having the same problems as me. So either we all have identical machines :p or as I have said before this is a problem is with CM coding. Also Nvidia didn't receive the game code until a week before the game went on sale.
    But, as someone else mentioned in another thread, it might all be down to flaky network code, as everytime I have crashed to desktop, I have noticed that Steam is updating the game for your online profile. I have steam port forwarded for other games. So the ports for Steam are fine, but maybe this is all to do with packet loss. My connection is 20Mbit down and 1.25Mbits up. And with a ping test in cmd prompt, the connection is stable, but that doesn't mean that Steam is stable.
  8. Have you tried upgrading or even downgrading your Nvidia drivers?
  9. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    If you follow any of the development threads for pCARS, rFactor2, Asseto Corsa, etc. you will find "a lot" of gamers with flaky problems. What runs perfectly fine for some don't for others and many times it is something unique to the setup/computer. I am not saying some credit shouldn't go to the developers in some cases but there is so much out of their control; a PC's hardware/software are tweaked, tinkered, modified, compromised (virus, malware), faulty, installed/uninstalled, etc., so many variables. The natural thing to do is blame the developers as if one game runs fine we think all should. I also understand how frustrating it can be.
    GRID 2 runs perfectly for me and is graphically stunning but I may just be one of the lucky ones. I just built my new computer (i7-3770, HD7850 x 2, 16 GB) a couple months ago so there are less unknown variables to possibly cause incompatibilities.

    I will say though that I am seeing more GRID 2 complaints from Nvidia owners than AMD, with pCARS I see more complaints from the AMD owners even though it runs fine for me.
  10. I reinstalled my PC the previous weekend (Windows 7). I simply installed the latest nVidia drivers for my GTX580 and I have a clean install of Steam. Grid 2 has run flawlessly on my PC for some 5 hours now. I've done several sessions and one took about 2 hours. Not a problem. At one moment I even switched to Firefox to upload a file to someone and even during that and after that the game ran flawlessly.

    So it's not CM programming. It's your PC. ;)
  11. I am having issues with Steam as well. F1 2012 will not start, iT ran fine for a long time then when they did that last Steam update a while back F1 2012 just stopped loading. Along with other Steam D/L games, Dirt 3, LF2, etc... I contacted their support and they had me do a ton of things like delete the APPDATA folder and other things and the titles still will not run. I downgraded by Nivida drivers and still no joy. So I gave up even trying to run those and deleted them. (Nice since i paid the full price for the games and cannot play them.) I run Win7 and have Two nvidia 570 cards along with a Intel i7 at 320 and 12 Gig Ram. I have looked and spent days looking on forums for a solution and cannot find one. So I gave up on those titles.
  12. I've had crashes in Grid2 on my Win7 Ultimate x64, 16g, i2600k (at default clock or overclocked) with evga GTX 570, since playing these games on PC. I did a clean install of Win7 Ultimate a month ago and the problem still exists. I didn't reinstall due to this Grid2 bug, but it's been 3 years since I did a fresh install. While in the game, I get booted to desktop AFTER a race and get a steam error "app is already running) or something like that. Then I have to re-race that race again because it doesn't save.

    It's not a huge deal, but I am upping the difficulty each time I beat the game. I am on my 3rd profile and it gets VERY, VERY frustrating spending the time to beat the challenge or race, only to get booted to desktop and know I have to re-play that race all over again. I won't settle for second, so I keep restarting each event until I get 1st place.

    Time for Grid3 already.