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Misc Grid 2 Car Conversion Video Tutorial [Deleted]

Discussion in 'GRID 2 Mods' started by chargingcar, Sep 20, 2013.

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  1. <mod-edit: no no no that is not how we roll at RD. Please stay within our site rules when it comes to converting content that you do not have permission for to be used>
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  2. Lesley Buurlage

    Lesley Buurlage

    does this work too with cars from grid? i would love to put the audi r10 in this game :)
  3. I Wanted the Porch Myself but Got it into the Game but the File Structure is different Codemasters Change the way that the game reads the information I could change the Structure but we can not save the file again as a PSSG As they are Protected only certain parts of the PSSG can be Touched without the game crashing,

    But by all Means try it I understand a Lot more now about the Materials on the Alpha Channels for Example so it Could have been something to do with that.
  4. I Think the Best way for people to understand is to Just move the 2 (SKY LOD,S) from Grid to Grid 2 the Texture Files are identical so they Have used the Same Car from Grid 1 / Grid 2 and just edited the Poly Count but I do not Even think they have bothered to even do this.

    For Example a Grid 1 Lod as 38,000 Poly Count ,,, Grid 2 Car may have 48,000 Poly count but with Grid 2 They add the upgrades to the Lod ,
    If you go inside 3DSimed and take apart a Lod piece by piece you see that there may be 2 or 3 different bumpers on each car so this is where you are getting the extra 10,000 Poly Count.
    From Grid 1 textures / Grid 2 textures all the files are the same size like 2048 for the liveries and 512 for most of the interiors ,So to trick people they change the way that the game reads the textures and track lighting as so on.
    But the best trick of all is to Change the file structure I will demonstrate this now,,,
    Have a Look now at the 5 Library the very top one is DataBlock and then ShaderInstance this is Grid 1
    And now look at Grid 2 Library it Goes ShaderInstance then ShaderGroup then DataBlock.
    This is all Codemasters do on every single game they make they just Change the structure of the Files
    For instance in Grid 1 it Might go like
    And then in Grid 2
    So the game just crashes because in grid 2 its trying to read a file B,C,A,D,E what is programmed into the database but the file we are trying to play from Grid 1 is A,B,C,D,E, So the game gets Confused and just Crashes.

    Texture files should not have anything to do with the game crashing all the textures are there for is to enable us to see the car and the different shaders and alpha channels just react to different light sources so no matter what the game should not crash if you get the textures wrong the worst thing that can happen is that the car is translucent ,

    So when Petar from Ryder25 as got the time hopefully he will make a new PSSG Editor so that we can change the order in the file and then resave it without any issues because the PSSG File is Protected I do not think that unless you have a 360 Dev Kit its just pointless.;)
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  5. What Codemasters do not realise is that if they did not play stupid tricks on people and allowed people to Mod any car on the game they would get about 80% more people playing there games on PC , For Longer,,

    All Codemasters are doing is losing money because more than 50% of Cars on other games like rFactor have been Ripped from such software as 3DSIMED
    So playing stupid tricks just changing the structure of the file is just hurting then only we all know that they have some of the best graphics and animation out there so if we could place anycar into the games people would play them as mutch as any other game,,

    The only way they would do this is to have a system like Xbox Live for Example where it Costs something like 39.99 per year they Could sell a "Codemastsers Racing Licence"
    For around 14.99 a year so it would make no difference to them what types of cars we was playing with,,,
    And to take the piss they Could have Different Licence grades Such as A or B licence which depending on what type of licence you pay for each year would depend on what type of DLC You get for free,,,,,,

    And they Could have really nice merchandise what you could buy like sending out Premuim Licence packs for people who pay for 12 Months with full DLC,,,

    But at the Minute they are churning out not good games they are just listening to the Kids complaining on the forums and personally think they have lost touch with the people that really matter the hardcore racers,,,,,,,,k,
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  6. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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