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Greetings from the FNG

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Carl Abrams II, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Ahoy, me hearties! As the FNG (F@#$% New Guy) I just wanted to introduce myself, extend wishes for good seasons and give thanks for such a site.

    I went to my local short track for the first time when I was still in the womb, and been a race fan ever since. Short tracks and NASCAR are what I grew up on, but once SAT TV became normal, I got heavy into ALMS, SCCA, Trans-AM, F1....hell, if I found a lawn mower race televised, you can bet I'd be watching it. (Those things are bloody fast!):D

    Sega Genesis' 1992 title "Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP" hooked me on racing games, but it wasn't until Papyrus/Sierra's NASCAR 1993 did I find what I was looking for. The graphics were bad, and the PC I was using worse, but the realism I found was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I needed more.

    Sadly, it was not to be. I had neither the money or the know-how to get into good PC gaming, so I fought through a decade of "Super Mario Kart", "Outrun", had a good bit of fun with "Hard Drivin'", and then a gift from the heaven's, "Grand Turismo 1". That game flunked me out of college. Pity. :tongue:

    "GT 1" gave way to "GT 2", and as Xbox took over my PS2, "Forza" took the spotlight and has somewhat satisfied my speed needs up until present day and "Forza 3". But still that PC sim urge festered. NASCAR2003 dreams danced in my head as I always found some obstacle keeping me from it, and my only hope of good sim racing.

    A week ago, a longtime friend and co-worker came to me and uttered 2 words...."iRacing, dood". "Bah" says I. I don't have $10,000 laying around for an Alienware setup, what good could come from it? I begrudgingly did some research, and hey! only need a relatively new, normal PC. Hmmm. A little more research, and my eyes grow bigger. No dance to get the game set-up. No thousand mods to get it just right. A dev team that actually works on and keeps up on the game. 24/7 online racing. A system that rewards GOOD, CLEAN driving. Hey, hey! Real tracks. No skillion cars on a bajillion circuits, just the basics, done right, with more to come. Stats, leaderboards.... I passed out. :tongue:

    I've just now come to. :wink: I've purchased the 1 for 3 base content, have everything installed, and have been spectating mostly Legends races for the past 4 days. Most of my free time has been spent gorging on information (mostly from here, thank you!) and I think I'm ready for what iRacing has to offer. Perhaps, just maybe, I've found what I've been looking for since those pimple-faced weeks back in 1993. Here's hoping. (I'd have been on sooner, but my Momo hasn't come in yet and I'm not Jedi enough to pull a "Mr Hubbard" and use my Saitek flight stick.:wink:) It'll be here in 5 days. 5 days and counting until I start my journey from the FNG to The Stig. I hope to see you guys on the track. I'll be the guy with the throttle pinned, most likely rubber-side-up in the infield.:D Onward!
  2. Enjoy Carl, welcome!
  3. Welcome aboard Carl.

    I'm sure you'll have fun both in iRacing and also here at RD.

  4. welcome carl!

    see you on the track!
  5. Hello, and welcome to the iRacing anonymous group, cough I mean Racedepartment... lol...

    "I'm not Jedi enough to pull a "Mr Hubbard" and use my Saitek flight stick.:wink:"

    hahahaha I knew that would come back sometime, it wasn't all that bad though.
  6. Welcome Carl, you'll soon get the bug and be spurging loads of cash on the excellent content once you have really got your teeth into it and out of the Rookies. Try ovals, it's so much harder to finish "rubber side up".
  7. I don't know about that but I had an unexpected turn of events in the Skip last night that doesn't normally happen...haha I was able to hold it off for a few seconds but it did end up going over...

  8. Thanks for all the welcoming. Yup, I'm addicted, I was so even before I played. Now that I have 2 days, 5 Legends races and 200 laps of practice behind me... yeah. I'm going to be here awhile :D

    I think I'll make a "first impressions" thread, as I haven't seen one lately. Maybe give another lurker something to chew on if they find it, maybe draw them in like I was drawn in. This is definately good times, but I must admit I'm kind of sore. I started off with an old version of my Momo driver and I couldn't adjust the settings because the profiler was whacked. Not wanting to troubleshoot all day, I jumped in and figured I'd fine tune it with the in-game settings. I seen the game's default was at 12, and after a practice stint I didn't like it. Not knowing which way would be better I figured what the hell, I'll set it at 100 and work my way back :D

    After 10 unsuccessful laps of it jerkin' wherever it wanted, I got up on the wheel to manhandle it into submission. By 4 laps my arms where burning, 8 laps I was sweating so bad I could hardly hold onto it, and thankfully 2 laps later it wrenched itself free of the table and I had to stop :) I've since updated the profiler, gone to the 100, 0, 0 ,0 and 4% settings, and all is right with the world. Already runnin' 17.5's at SoBo, had 4 top 5's, 2 podiums and up to a 2.85. It's a small victory, but I'm on my way.
  9. holy hootnanny motherless goats!!! 100ffb... My arms jumped off my shoulders and hid under the bed from just reading that... hahahaha
  10. I think I run a 2....
  11. Jeeee-zuss.

    Carl, when you say you have the FFB set at 100, is this in the profiler or actually within the wheel config in iRacing.

    I have my Logitech profiler at 107% but only run the wheel at 5 within iRacing for all cars.

  12. 12 was probably too much ffb for that old momo.I've reading FFB clipping articles that suggest not running the G27's over 12.

    FFB is about tactile feel.When you turn FFB up too much you lose the feed back.If you want stronger FFB while retaining tactile feed back you would need a wheel with more FFB power such as a Thrustmaster T500.

    Set FFB strength in profiler to around 105.Most people have the other settings at 0.

    Don't try to break the lap records (yet).Try and do 5-10 lap runs without spinning or putting a wheel off.Learn the racing lines.Going as fast as you can while on the racing line is called driving on the edge.Driving as fast as you can while off the racing line is called driving like an idiot.If you're on the grass stop racing.(you would think that didn't need to be said)If a car comes up from behind seemingly from out of nowhere(even in practice)don't think you can all of a sudden drive as fast as that person can.Stay smooth while holding your line and the faster car should have no problems getting by.Holding your line makes it easier to predict where you will be.Giving the line up just before a corner can be disastrous for you both.

    Practice practice practice.
  13. Daz, that hundo% was EVERYTHING. The profiler, in-game, my stupidity, all 100%. I'm just glad it came off the table before I incurred severe ligament damage. :) The stiffness in my neck and shoulders has subsided, and I'm runnin 4% now. Should be good to go.

    Thanks for the advice, rellick. Most of it I knew (I'm an old salt when it comes to racing, I'm just new to PC sim) but it never hurts for reminders, especially after the session last night. There's some new areas in sim racing I'm not used to, specifically composure and endurance. Most of my gaming experiences were 15ish minute stints, most of my real life runs were 8-10 minutes. Even the Rookie Legends races are pushing that. Running a 100 lap, 30 minute TT immediately followed by a 40 lap 15 minute race was nearly beyond what I could handle (always thought 2.4 at Daytona would be heaven, careful for what I wish for, right? :wink:) So running lines, using F3 and mirrors, holding lines while being overtaken, running high, holding brake after spin, all of that I'm good on. I just have to learn not to fall apart in the final laps due to fatigue.

    2 quick questions before I go...

    1. I know this has been asked 100x's, but I couldn't find the thread again. My wheel seems to have...not a dead zone, per se, but a slight weird rattle when returning to a straight position. It doesnt do it on a straight away, but just as I'm exiting the corner onto the straight away. It doesn't feel like a hardware problem, rather it feels like a bunk rack and pinion in real life, like there's too much play in the wheel and the wheels are allowed to rattle back and forth. Any idea's on a settings fix? Profiler was at 100%, 0, 0, 0 with in-game FFB at 4%, and I've since set it at 100%, 10%, 10%, 10$ with in-game still at 4%. I liked the 10%'s a little better for personal preference, but there is no difference between the two for my rattling issue.

    2. How fragile are these wheels? My Momo is pretty new and I drive quite smoothly most of the time, but when your car snaps loose and you start sawing on the wheel, that high whine of the gears inside always make me question how well these are made. I don't beat the tar out of it, but just that high zzzZZZZT sound making a quick save concerns me. While I might could afford a new wheel if I break it, I don't think I could afford a week+ off of iRacing :D
  14. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner


    12 in-game is perfect for me with G25.