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Greetings from Berlin/Germany

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by minisale, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    my name is sale and i love AC and this forum. Here are my PC specs:

    Intel i7-4790K@4,7GHz
    Asus Maximus VI Gene C2 (Z87)
    EVGA GTX 980@1550/4000
    2*4 GB DDR3-2666 TeamGroup 11-13-13-35
    Plextor SSD PX-256M5M mSATA 256GB
    Samsung SSD 840pro 256GB
    Samsung SSD 840pro 512GB
    2*Samsung SSD 840 500GB
    Dell U2412M 16:10

    Wheel: Logi Driving Force GT

    AC Settings:
    Vsync on
    FPS Limiter@60fps
    4* MSAA
    16* AF
    World Detail max
    Shadows Ultra
    PP-Filter on/no Preset
    Mirror resolution high
    Reflection Quality/frequence low

    -Nvidia Inspector-
    Vertical Tear sync control: adaptive
    Antialiasing Transparency: 4* Sparse Grid Super sampling

    Playing@consistently 60fps
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