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Greetings From Australia

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by IDGam3r, May 13, 2016.

  1. Hi, my name is Nathan Wilson, or IDGam3r as I like to be known as, I am 22 years old at the time of writing this(13th of May 2016) and I got into Formula 1 around the 2000 Season.

    I like to do about me's in a Q&A format so here goes

    Q: Who is your favourite driver of all time?
    A: Michael Schumacher

    Q: Why is Michael Schumacher your favourite driver of all time?
    A: When I started watching Formula 1 Races, I noticed Michael Schumacher was winning a fair few of them, so I kinda became a Michael Schumacher fan from that.

    Q: If you met Michael Schumacher in real life, what would you do?
    A: Hmm, well I would start by "exploding on the inside" because I am interacting with my F1 idol, I would then proceed to let Michael Schumacher know that I have the greatest amount of Respect for him, and I would let him know it was him that got me into Formula 1, and would wish him the best of luck(Obviously if i were able to become a good friend of his, I would proudly take the opportunity)

    Q: What's your favourite team of all time?
    A: Ferrari

    Q: Why is Ferrari your favourite team of all time?
    A: Similar story to Michael Schumacher, I noticed, Ferrari was winning a few races so I became a fan of Ferrari from that, and even to this day I still support Ferrari.

    Q: What is your favourite track?
    A: Albert Park, Melbourne

    Q: Why is Albert Park your favourite track?
    A: In all the Formula 1 games that I have played, it's the only track I'm exceptionally good at

    Q: Who would you say is the worst driver of all time?
    A: Lewis Hamiltion

    Q: Why do you say Lewis Hamilton is the worst driver of all time?
    A: In 99% of all the F1 games i have played that have him in it, I have lost countless races to him, as a result of these losses, my hatred for Lewis Hamilton has grown, more and more and more

    Q: If you met Lewis Hamilton in real life, what would you do?
    A: i would straight up ignore him, and I would mumble under my breath "There's Lewis Hamilton, the sore winner, who doesnt deserver to race in an F1 car"

    Q: What would you say is the worst team
    A: Mercedes AMG

    Q: Why is Mecedes AMG the worst team?
    A: Exact same reason as Lewis Hamilton, I need not explain further.

    Q: What is your worst track?
    A: hmm, i would have to say Monaco

    Q: Why is Monaco your worst track?
    A: My strategy requires tracks that are somewhat built for a Aggressive and Speedy Strategy, Monaco buries my strategy, forcing me to drive cautiously and slowly

    Q: Whats one driver you are 50/50 on?
    A: hmm, probably Felipe Massa

    Q: Why is Felipe Massa the driver your 50/50 on?
    A: In the F1 games that he is in, he is certainly a challenge when you start from the back of the grid, but when your starting from the front of the grid, it's easy to put alot of distance between myself and him.

    Q: What team are you 50/50 to?
    A: Hmm, i would have to say.....Haas

    Q: Why is Haas the team your 50/50 on?
    A: No reason, I just believe Haas could use a lil support

    Q: What track are you 50/50 on?
    A: China

    Q: Why is China the track your 50/50 on?
    A: It's a challenging track for sure, but once your familiar with the layout, it's relatively easy.

    If you have any questions you would like me to answer please comment them down below
    Anyways thanks for reading
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  2. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Premium Member

    Welcome to RaceDepartment, Nathan! :)

    Q/A is a really nice way to introduce yourself in detail. But i find it amusing that you hate Hamilton because of his AI replicas defeated you many times. :D (I know you are joking, but it would be hilarious if you were serious about it.)
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  3. i am serious about my hatred for hamilton, i also hate rosberg, vettel, webber and riccardo, but i don't hate them quite as much as hate hamilton, and truth be told, my hatred to vettel has died somewhat, because when i watch an f1 race im always saying "go vettel".

    My hatred for hamilton technicaly started in F1 2014, because every time i did a race Hamilton was the one who made 1st place, and it eventualy after many, many losses kinda got to me.