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Green Mamba Career 2014-10-01

Painted by Request

  1. CalicoJack submitted a new resource:

    Green Mamba Career - Painted by Request

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  2. You are the best man...thank you :thumbsup:
  3. What about that number 3? Is that custom made? That's Biaggi's number right?
  4. you're welcome! no porblem!
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  5. that's the number i use in career mod! ;)
    and that'll stay so!
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  6. OK, just asking, not my fav number anyway :) But I was wandering if you could make me a custom number some day ?
  7. Just one more question? Can I replace some other Nolan helmet like helmet 210, cause I would like to keep this green one that is 213?
  8. Looks great on me... Fits my colors ;)

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  9. Sure, just rename it!
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