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Apparel Greek Helmet 1.0

Nationality Helmet

  1. Gerald Chinoy submitted a new resource:

    Greek Helmet - Nationality Helmet

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  2. Fantastic helmet.:):thumbsup:

  3. Thanks. :)
  4. Not bad!
    You falls always something new to a particular topic:thumbsup:
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  5. Fantastic helmet! I wish I was Greek too :D
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  6. Gerald this is awesome thanks a lot!! oh man!
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  7. fantastic helmet!!!! finaly i can put it to my driver!!! thank you
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  8. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    If you give ALL your money to me ..... I'll get you a Greek passport ;) :whistling:
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  9. As a Greek, I think that this was a tastless joke...
  10. Thank you! I will definitely use it!!
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  11. The joke was about making a fake pasport for money... not about Greece... to parexigises aderfe...
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  12. My video for the helmet, with a surprise! ;)
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  13. Hi there! You can do a Polish helmet similar to the Greek?
  14. awesome truly awesome:thumbsup: Thank you Gerald
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  15. I'll think of something.
  16. Amazing!!!;)
  17. I love you Gerald great helmet!!! Finally someone made a good Greek helmet!! One thing only you could use the ancient meandros which you could find it everywhere in greece is a traditional symbol it can be seen in Acropolis also!! frets_p-867.gif (althought its a symbol that used by the Golden Dawn party also, it has nothing to do with that). ;) great job man
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  18. I was wondering what to use for sometime.
    Thanks for it.