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Tracks Great Wall SpeedWay v6

Great Wall

  1. SimoG submitted a new resource:

    Great Wall - Great Wall

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  2. ronniej

    The dude Premium

    Thanks for your work...I'll give it a go.

    Edit: Yup, this one is staying in the tracks folder for sure!
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2015
  3. Hi! please a question... first thanks for your amazing work. This track is really really good. So good that my friends and me want to use it at our league, buuuuut there is a problem with "online version". yesteday i made test with our server and if i set 24 slots acs.exe crash. if i set 23 or less not. I think you only place 23 slot, not 24 (track info says 24 ) Please could you fix that problem? and please... could you set 30+ pits? we are more than 24 players XD

    seriously, amazing job. thx for it, and sorry my english
  4. Thanks for the feedback

    Unfortunately I have little time to spend at this time. Given that the problem should be easily and fast to solve, eventually I will send you the files so you can continue with your league and then later I will create a real upgrade with other fixes.

    30 pit? I'll try but maybe the pitlane is not long enough
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2015
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  5. Thanks
  6. Here the fixed files (the name is Online_pit_fix_30). Now there are 30 pits although there are tight. Copy the new files in the great wall's folder and overwrite the old ones. I recommend making a backup first.
    Tell me if it work

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  7. thanks! when i look for the race at online lobby, the server has yellow color (message: numer of pits exceds bla bla...) but runs ok, it works. I have changed the "ui" file and set "30" pitboxes to fix that little problem, now its shown ok, and works fine!

    lot of thanks guy!
  8. Excellent :)
  9. SimoG updated Great Wall with a new update entry:

    Great Wall

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  10. Is this track based on a real-life location? And the wall too?
  11. It is based on a some roads in my town where in the 30's it was really raced and the idea was to recreate it for rfactor1 (that had not come out for a long).

    At that time I diden't know Blender and I created it with bob track builder. Unfortunately I was unable to load the reference image to the right size and the track is coming 2 km longer than real. Finally there were no houses and other city's elements ready to use. So I decide transform it into a veritable track with some little changes in the layout. And yes the wall is really.

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  12. Already reviewed it so I won't do it again lol but I just wanted to say thanks!
    Now the track uses way less memory, it runs fine on my old computer.
    It looks really nice!
    Also I like how it's based on a real road.:)

    What do you plan to improve?
    It looks already great so it seems hard to make it better. he he
  13. Thanks :)
    I think I'll still be pruned to a forest and in the meantime I will continue another project that I have already started.
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  14. Shenmue_X


    On which town is based your circuit exactly ? I'm finding Great Wall amazing and I would appreciate it even better if I could know the region where I'm supposed to race whatever its fictional degree. I also like the way your fixed camera angles are highlighting the race at the replay.
  15. Biella, Italy. This is the location of the real roads (link) while the landscape is little further north (here) but I had to stretch it to fit the size of the track.

    Aerial view of the wall:
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2016
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  16. Fabian Biehne

    Fabian Biehne

    If someone wants to try this track online: i’ve got a server running.
    Just look for CLEAN RACING | BMW 235i Racing @ Great Wall | MR [ABCN]
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  17. SimoG updated Great Wall with a new update entry:

    Great Wall Speedway

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  18. Thanks for the update, great stuff.
  19. Just ran a 30 laps race against the AI on, mixed field of Gt3 and similar paced cars - it's still one of the best mod track/fictional layouts I have driven. The track does not feel artificial, it flows well, while still being a real challenge to get right. I love the chase along the wall and the small right-left kink before the secondary starting grid.

    One thing you should try now that we have to new Fmod engine: Just position the F7 camera on the pit wall and listen with a large enough grid. Due to the layout you can hear the field passing by two times, once down at the wall and then on the start-finish straight. Sounds quite impressive.

    But I found one problem when i had to pit in lap 13:
    I can't really pit like that :p
  20. Many Thanks.
    For the sound, I wanted to add the echo of the wall, but I could not get anything good. I have yet to understand the various parameters in the INI file, how they work.

    That's all expected :). My track has 4 layouts:
    The main layout and a second with the starting grid positioned at a different point.
    Others, are the online version of the first two, the ones that allow you to do pitstops.

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