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Great place for Cars and such

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ZATRACERDUDE, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. http://chomikuj.pl/max164 happen to find this by chance heck found a few there recently i didn't even know existed maybe the person that runs it is among us now Anyway the password for the folder is pfr
  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    "To download this file, you must be logged in or send an SMS."

  3. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Choose the "file save as" with your right mous button...it works^^
  4. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Thanks DF :)

    Edit: Hmm, now all I'm getting are 100kb rars :p I'm guessing the "," and following numbers need to be deleted, but then I can't 'save as' the link.. hmmh
  5. I can't see nothing there that isn't on tracciontrasera already, to be honest...
  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Well I sure do, some of the cars on there I've been looking for, and some I've never seen before :)
  7. So, do you really think everybody can understand Polish?

  8. Google is your friend and Google translate is yer best friend
  9. Well, nice and some never seen cars for me, but how to download! I can't understand it! SMS or registering or what?

  10. sign up for an account and use a translator where needed
  11. i think everything that's there is on tracciontrasera too, and if it ain't - it means it's not worth downloading, just tried the R35 GT-R posted there, drives like crap :p

    if anybody has problems understanding - I'm polish
  12. heh well everyone is entitle to their opinion im not saying the quality of the cars im just saying they are there
  13. just to ensure, I tested 5 cars that actually don't appear on tracciontrasera, on Polish Roads 2a and Factory's Test Track

    starting with the Opel Astra OPC

    drives very strangely for a FF car... first there's some oversteer, then there's very heavy understeer, like a 4WD with a heavy engine in front, plus the interior's not so good in terms of quality

    then came the BMW X6

    the car is much darker on the track then in the menus - i'm not into technical data of Racer so I don't know why, I only know it has misplaced lights in front, accelerates a bit too fast I believe, brakes a bit not good enough, and turns like crap, plus, while on the track, you can't see anything because the car's too dark

    then there was the BMW e38 750iL

    it brakes like crap, goes to 100km/h on first gear (I can't believe this is accurate), while the 4th gear seems to be too long, then it turns like crap (but what can you expect of a car this long), and also has a bit misplaced lights in front. By the way - has pretty good quality interior.

    then, I got to the Dodge Charger R/T from 2007

    this one was... well, best of worst. It drives like an american muscle should (meaning pretty much oversteer and massive traction problems), has pretty good quality interior (except for the steering wheel), has only 2 major problems - the sound (it starts to give a very loud wind sound while picking up speed) and the wheels falling into the surface.

    finally, I tested the MB CL65 AMG, from the same authors as the X6, similiar problems - brakes and drives like crap, is much brighter in the menus than the actual track, altho this one has more or less correctly placed lights

    well then, if someone wants a car that has a huge need of love and work on it - I can upload one of those 5 onto some public service, but I do believe it's senseless

    one more thing - all the cars were tested in racer v 0.8.8 as I don't have time or need to upgrade to a newer version :)
  14. I came across this page few months back and it does have extra cars that are not available on Tracciontrasera. I am not Polish, but I can get my way around around the language and I was able to sign up at the time. Signing up gave me a free account, but only 50MB of free download. There was an option of purchasing 5GB of content download through PayPal or credit card, which I did as it was really cheap (2 or 3 Euros), so I got all the cars I wanted. And yes, it all had to be done in Polish. I did considered posting Max164's Racer files download instruction on our forum, but it would be way too complicated with all required translations for English speakers. I think that CellicaGT had a good point of posting some of the cars through a public file sharing service. So, as far as I am concerned, I have no problem taking peoples wish lists from Max164's Racer files and reposting those files for download. Use this thread to let me know what cars you want and I will put the links here. Also, I would like to thank Max164 for making these cars available and if he doesn't like what we are doing here, he can let us know. Btw, CellicaGT is right in pointing out that some cars need fair amount of work..
  15. X6 and CL65 have no shaders. And i can share better 750.
  16. what are you waiting for then? :)
  17. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    There used to be a nice BMW.. probably that 7 series, there was 2 versions of it. The one I had originally was great, the second one...wasn't.
  18. I wonder what else some people store on their hard drives

    I've been waiting for a decent Subaru for years now, every one that came out this or that way had it's flaws...

    gtapex was planning a GC8, too bad they didn't make it :(

    Krisz can you send me a PM with the BMW7?
  19. Fiat Uno - crap (innacurate model and physics, no interior)
    BMW Alpina B12 - crap, doesn't even have a shader (how do anyone relases a car without shaders??) and drives like an old donkey
    BMW X5 -crap (same as the B12)
    Skoda Octavia 2005 - not bad but not good either (some shaders missing, low quality interior)
    BMW 324td - very good
    Citroen BX - very good

    Has anyone downloaded the Volvo 940?
  20. If you register you get only a few MB of download, you'll need to pay for more (1GB 2GB 3GB etc) so dont bother

    Lol apart from if your polish (CelicaGT)