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Great Game

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by hundiie, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. hundiie



    this is for sure a great simulation !
    I had the tremendous opportunity to drive a racetruck in real life (european championship stile Mercedes, not really up to date I think...) and the feeling is not quite different, except the noise and the gforce incar...

    There are some bugs, because if you are in championshipmode (I don´t try in other modes) you have to start in the same gamesession you did the qualifiing otherwise you start from the back.

    The brakefailurething that is mentioned in the bugthreat I had also, but only if I put the multiplicator for mechanichal failures to min. 2x maybe there is a problem...

    And of course (I´m writing from Stuttgart Germany, which is the home of Mercedes-Benz) I would love to have the "Mercedes Star" on the front of my Truck...

    But never the less this is really good work from you guys, thank you very much !!!

    I promise I will think about the other Reiza Games to buy, although I´m not really in brazilian local racing, but of course you have the greatest truckracing series in the world and you have now a game which is worth the money, that´s for sure...

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  2. Cedric Germain

    Cedric Germain


    I bought the simulation yesterday, I like it a lot.
    I have some questions concerning the setup options:
    I would like to have a "simulation" setup, like a truck in reality.
    Sooo, which driving helps do I have to activate/desactivate? (ABS, etc...)

    Thanks for your advices

    PS: sorry I didn't post in the good thread...