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Great Deal on ARCA Sim Racing - Get a Copy FREE!

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by Seil, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. There is an exclusive deal going on between The Sim Factory and BlackFridayz.com.

    If you buy a copy of ARCA Sim Racing, you'll get a copy free. This is only for the first 50 purchases.

    The directions on how to redeem your free copy are on www.blackfridayz.com

  2. So basically this is the same as the promo on here a couple days ago...tempting. If anyone is interested...I'm considering this (50/50 split).
  3. We have extended this Sale by one day ... anyone who wants a final chance to get Arca Sim please download the client and purchase before midnight tonight eastern time
  4. How many people have taken advantage of this deal, just curious?
  5. i think 12-14?
  6. There is a tally at the site listed, that just htose using the site reference for purchase, does not include those who purchased outside the Black Fridayz promotion also...
  7. Just got it. and i have to say thnx to simfactory for the correct and quick reactions!
    Downloading it ATM, and willl do some testruns when i have it!
  8. Thank You! :)

    Still a few copes left ... :)
  9. is there any more B.O.G.O.F`s left? :)