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Gravel Dev Diary #1 - Tech Evolution Gives Interesting Insight into Unreal Engine

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    Gravel Dev Diary 1.jpg
    Milestone have given us a look behind the scenes of their new arcade racing title Gravel, sharing some interesting insights into the world of developing with Unreal 4.

    Information about the new Gravel game has been somewhat thin on the ground in recent weeks, however with Milestone now attempting to up the ante in terms of promotion before a release in 2018, we get our first look at a new series of 'Developer Diary' videos from the studio.

    In this first showcase feature, Milestone take us behind the scenes to have a look at what goes into making a game like Gravel, and some of the people involved in bringing this new title to PC and console players early next year.

    Especially interesting due to the use of the often hyped Unreal 4 game engine, Gravel will mark the first semi serious car racing title to appear on the visually spectacular platform.

    You can check out the five minute video for yourself below:


    About the game.

    Gravel will offer an experience unique to its kind: Milestone’s pedigree in simulation is valued here with physics grounded in reality, but fun will be the main focus, among wild drifting on the different terrains, crazy jumps and impossible manoeuvres.

    The variety of powerful vehicles, from trophy trucks to rally legends, will offer many different approaches to the driving experience, and the wide offer of environments will have you strapped in for an unforgettable world tour.

    Among deserts, jungles and snowy mountains you will have to shine in each and every discipline, whether it’s the wide open maps of the Cross Country or the narrow tracks of the Speed Cross. Become the ultimate Master or take part in some wild competition in the online game modes: Gravel will always have some fun ready for you!

    Gravel is scheduled to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC during 2018.

    Gravel Dev Diary 2.jpg Gravel Dev Diary 3.jpg

    Check out the 'Other Racing Games' sub forum here at RaceDepartment for more discussion on Gravel and many other racing titles across both console and PC.

    Looking forward to Gravel? Do you think the game will be a success for Milestone? Interested in seeing how Unreal 4 works in a car racing game? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. chargingcar


    Scenery looks awesome :D
    Wish I could plant flowers that nice ...
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  3. Brownninja97


    Cant wait to play this, milestone create great arcade games when they try to make sims, now they are trying to make an arcade game its gonna be so much fun.
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  4. Patrick van der Meulen

    Patrick van der Meulen

    The idea of the game looks cool. And the graphics engine looks stellar, although it appears a bit too saturated. But I think we have to live with that 'cause HDR looks gaming is popular in arcade gaming I guess :).
  5. thewarmer


    So CM have Dirt , so this is Milestones version called Gravel , I like the Ride & Moto X games from them . But I was ok with their WRC game up to a point. so many Driving games these days.
  6. Majuh


    The concept reminds me of World Racing 2 by Synetic.
  7. LibranRabbit


    This looks and so far sounds like it's going to be stellar! An addition to my other racing titles and play when I just feel like going for a blast, ... anywhere!
  8. Ryann


    Are they hoping people will mistake this with Dirt? Cheesy.
  9. function9


    I think it's more that they're hoping people forgot about SLRE and previous titles. Which, going by posts so far in this thread, it appears people have.