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Gravel At Rivage??

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by CMPUGH, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. iv seen some vids of f12011 where rivage still has gravel... anyone know if its been removed for the final build to reflect real life?
  2. I doubt it, it will have been too close to release to do anything about it.
  3. They removed the gravel from Rivage prior to this years GP? I didnt notice.

    Did Schumacher just fly across concrete then in Q1 when he had his off?
  4. yeah he did, there is a little bit of gravel tight to the tyre wall..
  5. Really depends when they made the change to the track itself. Just because we didnt see it till F1 came to Spa, doesnt mean they didnt change the track a lot earlier, maybe even before CM went over for a snoop.

    OOOhhh the excitement. Gravel or no gravel! Maybe they can release it as DLC for £1.99 :D
  6. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I was a bit dissapointed that they did in real F1 make that a tarmac runoff area.
    It takes the whole white knuckles into rivage thing away. Its a soft problem now getting that corner wrong.
  7. Not that it really matters. Kind of like whoever it was that said they should have changed the colours of the barriers to match real life. Some things just don't matter that much.
  8. exactly, makes you wonder if Alonso wouldve gone forthat overtake on massa if thre was gravel tere instead of runoff.

    Also from the races ive seen and in the 'go compete' trailer, you can clearly see gravel at rivage. Not like in real lfe but im not complaining, just one gained place for me when people get it wrong.
  9. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Except that its not just about graphics and colours.It makes a real difference to the outcome of getting that corner wrong as the example above of Alonso's very clumsy overtake on Massa there a couple of weeks ago demonstrates. So its not like that.
  10. It's not exactly something thats going to stop someone buying the game and say "Something isn't right there, the game is ruined!"
    It just isn't important, especially when they're already busy on fixing things which are more important, e.g. brake bias during a race.
  11. The devs said that the changes for Spa were known too late to make it into the game. The curbs at the track were also repainted to red/yellow instead of red/white because Shell was the new sponsir. This also won't be in the game this year.
  12. You would be surprised what 'annoys' people about the game. I laughed my head off at the peeps who were moaning about the fact it wasnt their own names on the side of the car in career mode - I mean, seriously. If something that you cant see drives people crazy, imagine what the wrong colour kerbs or wrong shade of tarmac does to them :D
  13. I know lol, some of the things are so ridiculously petty it's unbelievable. The funniest one for me is the helmet shape one lol or even better still someone on the CM forum was complaining because the wet tyre I think it was, the gaps in the tyre (I forget what they're called bit of a brain freeze atm lol) were the slightly wrong pattern or something insane like that.
  14. I originally thought CM would patch it in. But then I realized it's more likely for them to tell us to get F1 2012 instead.

    As for runoff in general, we need both gravel and pavement. Gravel works well when you go head on into it, because downforce pushes you into it, but you can't stop as well. I remember McNish's crash in 24 Hours of Le Mans. If he was on pavement he could have stopped the car or lessened the impact. Basically put a metre or two of gravel followed by tarmac.
  15. dont forget the need the approval of all the teams and management to make any changes! :lol:
  16. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    No one is saying the game is ruined.
    I'm happy that its gravel. My remark "I was a bit dissapointed that they did in real F1 make that a tarmac runoff area." is clearly not a criticsim of the game at all.
    My only point is that it has a dynamic effect on the racing and as such it is a bit more relevant than the paint colour on a fence or say helmet shape. So in my view to group such things together and treat then as cosmetic irrelevances is innacurate and condescending.
  17. Thats IT, im not buying the game now!!!

    Of course i joke ha ha. I remember hearing that guy about the helmet issue. The one i heard was that if they didnt have the correct make of helmet listed on the helmets in 2011 then he wouldnt be buying F12011. What a strange boy!

    I think its a shame that they have removed the gravel trap. What a get out of jail free card!! I cant rememeber who it was that said it, might of been Button but he said it was actually one of the hardest braking points on the F1 Calendar to get right. It gives you a false sense of being able to brake later than what you actually can. I find this out for myself all the time when im gaming around Spa.
  18. Got to agree, with a gravel trap there it makes the corner properly challenging, get it wrong and there's trouble. Even though it's got tarmac there now would much prefer it to be gravel in the game, it's only the first year it's had tarmac in real so I don't really see the problem with it to be honest.
  19. I imagine they would have changed it to tarmac, don't forget the clips are probably made 3 weeks before shown to the public and don't forget the game was propably still in the 'work in progress' state.
  20. Maybe but it isn't a big deal if it is gravel:)