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Graphics Tweaks...

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Rob Carr, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Hey guys I looked at some of the videos for RBR and it appears that my graphics are not as good as the ones I am seeing. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a graphic tweak doc or guide? Maybe I need to load some mods? No idea, but want to make sure I've got everything as good as I can get it.

    Here are my system specs...

    1920 x 1200
    ATI 5850
    Windows 7 x64
    8 Gig RAM

    Thanks guys.
  2. First off, have you changed the resolution in your ini file?

    (Senad, that might be a good addition to your FAQ)
  3. Open RichardBurnsRally.ini in your install folder, find lines XRes and YRes, and put
    XRes = 1920
    YRes = 1200

    Then run RSCenter. I guess you should change to 16:10 in the settings, not sure what that does, to be honest :).

    Then start Plugins - CamHack.

    Then go back to the install folder, open config.ini.
    Find the line with K0, and put K0=55 (that means that it will run when you hit enter in game)
    Find the line with FOVY=1, and put FOVY=0,833
    That will give you 16:10 in game, instead of a stretched image. You have to have CamHack running every time though.

    HDR plugin for the colours: http://www.racedepartment.com/richard-burns-rally/21396-rbr-hdr-plugin.html
    Uploaded both files here, just download and unzip to your install folder.

    EDIT: yup, good idea Aaron. When Rob gets everything the way it should be, I'll try to compile posts from this thread and put it in the FAQ.
  4. Thanks guys. Working on these changes.
  5. Ah, BTW, HDR related. I also have an ATI card, but a lot crappier than yours. I think I had some flickering issues with these settings. I tried another set, and those worked fine.

    If you get flickering too, here's the link to my ebnseries.ini file: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6335348/enbseries.ini

    You turn the thing on in game with Shift+F12
  6. Okay question. I haven't done the HDR yet but I am running the camera hack. When I go into the sim and press the * all I see are different color horizontal lines across the screen. I can press the 0 through 9 keys and the pattern changes, but none of them show the car and track in anything approaching readable format. I did make the changes to the config.ini as described. But enter doesn't seem to work. Need to press *.

    Any ideas Senad?
  7. More info...

    I went back into the config.ini file and it changed the FOVY to 83. I made the change twice and every time I load camhack it changes what I put in to 83 (as opposed to 0.833).
  8. EDIT: ah, have you tried putting in 0,833?

    EDIT2: yup, I have 0,75 (16:9), with a comma. Sorry :)
  9. Make sure camhack is closed when you edit the config.ini file.

    To start with a fresh config.ini: close camhack, delete config.ini, launch camhack again. This will create a default ini. Then close camhack, make the changes, and then reload camhack.

    Also, make sure you are not running multiple copies of camhack, they will fight for control of the screen and control of config.ini.
  10. Okay I tried 0,833 and it still has issues. No change. But if I put it to 1, I can use the cam hack and move the camera around. I made sure to unload the camhack while modifying the ini file. Only had one instance of it running.
  11. Also deleted the config.ini and started over just to make sure.
  12. Tried 0,833 now, works fine for me.
  13. What do you have for FOVX? And what version does it say in the config.ini file?
  14. Also, when I go back into the config.ini file the 0,833 is replaced with 833. I'll try 0,75 just for the heck of it.
  15. ;Default Settings Generated By RBR Camhack v2.0


    What program are you using to edit the file?
  16. I have...

    FOVY=0,833 (changes to 833 automatically once camhack loads)
    Version 200

    Maybe it's an ATI setting. Let me fiddle with it.

    Thanks for the help Senad.
  17. I'm using notepad.
  18. You are using English Windows with US localization correct? If so, then it should be 0.833 with a period, not a comma.

    *warning: nerd tangent*

    This is due to how the Windows API parses strings into decimals. It uses the localization settings in Windows to determine the decimal separator when taking the string (all ini parameters are strings) and converting it into a numeric format the program can use for the maths it needs to do. So for most European localizations it recognizes the comma as the decimal separator, however for US localization the API expects a period as the decimal separator, and a comma will cause the method to parse incorrectly.
  19. Found the issue. For some reason on my system setting the option in the Settings to 16/10 causes the problem. I put it to false and now it works. Damn that was fun!

    Thanks for the help Aaron and Senad. I really appreciate it.

    Okay doing the HDR tweak next (the crowd cringes).