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graphics settings 980ti users?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Johand, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. anyone with a 980ti playing this game? i like what i can play but it stutters on every in game display setting.

    found a post to set the nvidea settings in the controlpanel , this

    still choppy / stuttering

    i set the max fps to 60 (60fps monitors) then it was much better but still hurts my eyes , before i was getting over 200fps

    running a gigabyte 980ti waterforce
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  3. With gtx 970 I have stuttering. Have pcars And other Games with no problem high graphic. I was able To reduce stuttering in Gsce But nothing was Good for this great title. Only in some condition, The game is unplayable.
  4. 980ti here, constant stutters, especially around other vehicles. Tried pretty much every setting, opponents car quality to medium seems to help but not fix. Can't remember this issue in GSCE.
  5. i have it fixed , can run everything on max if i run by myself , if i run with 15 opponents i turned some setting to full to get constant 60 / 62 fps and no more stuttering.

    launch the setup by steam , when i first played the game i had it on 5760x1080 32bit , the sweetfx windowed and multiview where checked.

    i then changed the settings in the nvidea control panel to this:
    or this in englisch

    launch the setup by steam

    i have sweet fx off , if you check the box the color looks a little warmer , but i had the idea that in the distance some things looks less sharp , not sure , test it.

    in game display setting

    hope this helps for others , if so comment below!
  6. Does having multi view unchecked not mess with your triple screen setup? What angle are your side monitors?
  7. I tried both , i could not find a difference , don't know the exact angle 30/35 degree and eyes to center screen is 650mm , but as far as i know it has no real tripple screen support like AC , my side monitors do not match the center screen
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  8. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    uncheck the windowed mode too in the config settings....this seems to make a difference
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  9. i also changed the config.ini file to set the gpu en system ram , i could not notice any difference.
    but i am happy how it runs now!!
  10. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium Member

    The user guide explains how to setup graphics optimally.
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  11. [​IMG]

    check my mirrors , i'm off center , is there any adjustment for that or to tilt the view?
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  12. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    i wish i had triple screens !!
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  13. i wish i had them to , these are from my brother :)

    I wonder how the newer vr system are going to be , and if you can wear them with glasses
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  15. Using 24" monitors, my resolution right now is 5901x1080
  16. Forget to say: and match this resolution with AMS vídeo settings tool. Thats why you are off the center i think (desktop resolution not matching with ingame resolution)
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  17. ok thank , will look in to it tonight!
  18. Thanks , reading the manual was the only thing i had to do , so for everyone with these stutter problems , read the manual.
    I was to exited i think , and just wanted to play , haha

    i now set it up like it is discribed in the manual , downloade nvidea inspector , made a profile , adjusted everything.

    It is even better now and somehow the picture is centered again , did some laps , really like the ffb!!!!
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  19. kamackeris

    Premium Member

    real men don't read the manual....they go right in, get the stutter problems, search the forums for hours (like i did), till eventually you get it running right whilst all along there was a manual there which helped out with everything !!
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