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Graphics problem with rfactor lite

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by tmansteve, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Hi All

    What a fab new look. I have a problem that has only just started. When i load rfactor lite, everything is fine. Choose any mod installed, then choose a track, still ok. When it loads and you are taken to the Monitor, you can see your car, bottom right shuddering, or double image or something else. So when you select Race, it stays the same. This is really annoying. I removed the Nvidia drivers and installed the cards first set of drivers and tested it. I uninstalled rfactor lite and all mods etc, re installed but still i get the same problem. I tried GT Legends and other games but they are all ok with no graphical problems. Has anyone got any ideas? Should i get the full version?

    i5 3.33 mhz
    Nvidia GTX460 1gig
    4gig ram

  2. I have rFactor lite, with none of those problems, so I doubt it's the game(a bug in the game at least).

    However, I may be wrong, but it sounds like too many cars for the garages of the circuit, and you're in the garage with another car.

    What mods and on which tracks, with how many AI cars do you get this?
  3. I get it when testing a circuit as well as when in a race. I have selected 22 opponents in any race. It does it on the default tracks as well as any track i choose. Only got the defaults on now with Fsone 2009 v2. It was doing the same thing with any mod. The settings haven't change since i first installed and that was about 6 months ago and it has only just started. All other games work without glitches.
  4. Have no idea what could cause this, i would say it would do no harm to install full game and see if problem goes away, if you do remember to back up your trymedia folder and make sure you update new install to 1255 before replacing trymedia folder.
  5. I bought another version, Special 2008. Still the same and also when i hit the end key for the spectator camera, everything just goes round and round. Can't stop it. Really fed up as all other games i have including flight i've tried at full blast and no problems. The sim is so good and now it's almost pointless to play. I've contacted MSI about the card and will wait to hear from them. If no joy then i will look at the last resort of formatting the HD and re-install. :mad:
  6. Have you tried the newest Nvidia drivers? Someone on R2P reported getting graphical glitches that showed up out of the blue on his 460 that were fixed with the new driver. If your card is ok, which seems to be the case, my guess is that a Windows update changed something that now interacts with a flaw in the older drivers. He was on a Win 7 system if that makes any difference. Make sure you uninstall the old drivers in safe mode and/or use a driver cleaner type application.
  7. Cheers Brian

    I always uninstall the drivers in Safe Mode and use a cleaner. You could be right with the windows update idea as everything was working fine up until now. I have the latest drivers installed as well so i might just format the hard drives and start from scratch as it's so difficult to go back to where it was ok. I'm using XP. Will check to see if there are any new drivers but think these are the latest.