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Graphics card for f1 2010 and f1 2011?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Kris Cabrera, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Hey guys am curious on what card you would sidgest for f1 2010 and one that will work well with f1 2011, i am currently looking for a card and looking to spend around 100-150.
  2. I have the ATI 5770 and can run F1 2010 on ultra settings, and almost have Napolean Total War on full settings. It cost me £ 112 or there's the Nvidia 450GTs which isn't a bad card for its price of £105 although for a little more you most likely would be able to get something better than that as its dated. You might need to look at upgrading your powersupply in less its 550 watts or above (i would suggest a minimum of 650 watts).

    Also if you have between 2 and 4 GB's of ram you might want to think about adding more because the graphics cards minimum requirements is 2GB's of ram. 8 GB's or above will be more than enough, but some people might say a minimum of 16GB's. I would say 8 is good enough, thats what i have and i have no issues with F1 2010.
  3. No you dont need that much memory. I know myself 3GB is more than enough. When I had my i7 920 I used only 3GB(now 4GB because of the exchange to i5 2500K which has dual channel) and no issues at all on highest possible settings. And also for a 5770 / GT450 a quality 450w psu like corsair antec or similar is enough.

    I also recently read that even AMD recommended 450w psu for 5750/5770. http://www.amd.com/us/products/desk...5770/Pages/ati-radeon-hd-5770-overview.aspx#3
  4. Thats interesting because when i went to PC world they said i might need a better power supply (at the time i had a 550w) so i upgraded it to a 650w, my old card was the GT 220 but it was holding my system back which is why i upgraded the gpu to the 5770 although i want to upgrade that some day to a Nvidia card because i like them more (not a big fan of ati cards).

    Back on topic, if you do add more memory (although stated is not needed) you will need to upgrade to a x64 bit operating system so that you can use the extra memory.
  5. Also remember that CPU is very important for F1 2010/11, and AMD generally works better in ego-powered games.
  6. To a degree, but by no means does it make use of CPU capabilities or 64bit O/S. A more powerful chip will give you more frames obviously, but certainly not worth buying anything more than a stock 2500k i5 or AMD equivalent. Console ported game benefits most from GPU power. If you graphics card currently plays 2010 just wait some months for the 7900 series ATI cards which promise around 100% more performance than the current 6900's. Not sure on the Nvidia side of things as they are generally too expensive, hot and noisy for my liking.
  7. Thanks guys i am still in between ati and nvidia i currently own and ati 2700HD and man what a lag time i have when i play the game its about 1 sec response time when shifting, i think i might purchase an ati since its been good to me up till now. This is for my game back which my proc is a q6600 with 6 gigs ram which i think will handle it fine its just my card that is driving me nuts
  8. Bad time to be buying GFX cards. New ATI cards are out end of the year, so whether you want a 7900 series or not, it means the price of current 6900's will plummet.

    Do you have your audio settings set to Rapture? If so, try changing it to 'Software' in the in-game menu and see if that gets rid of your controller lag. It has worked for others.
  9. In terms of rigs I always see gamers going overkill with ram thinking it will improve their gaming, I currently have a 5850, and an X6 processor with just 4GB of ram and I don't get any bottlenecks from it.

    And while I was skimming I saw PC World, please for the love of god stay well away from them!
    I found two identical cards for a quick comparison, eBuyer it was £155, with pc world almost double at £287 :redface:
  10. $150 puts you in the territory of AMD 6850, AMD 5770, Nvidia 450, Nvidia 550, Nvidia 460

    Here is a benchmark with all these cards (and more) unfortunately it is only Crysis: Warhead but it should be a very good comparison. Here are some more benches to look at. F1 2010 wasn't tested but look at the Dirt2 performance since it is an ego engine game as well.

    GTX460 vs. GTS 450 Winner: GTX460 by a mile (same for 550 since they are similar cards)
    GTX460 vs. HD5770 Winner: GTX460
    GTX460 vs. HD6850 Winner: both (460 has better dirt2 performance)

    In Crysis, the 460 was the best of this group, the same goes for the other benches with the 6850 nearly matching it. The cheapest GTX460 1GB I could find was $140CAD.

    As for the CPU, I would go with the i5 2500k if you're comfortable with the price. Nothing from AMD can even come close to matching this CPU. If you really need to save some cash then go for the 965 Black edition and overclock it, but I strongly recommend the i5, it will work much much better if you decide to SLI in the future.
  11. just bought a 6750 and man it looks great i could run with settings at ultra but i was noticing that when more cars are on the track it lags a couple times, but i think it could be my processor i have a 2.6 q6600 but i will find out tonight when i have an official race with all the cars on track. I gotta say aint nothin nice playing with all your settings on ultra!! no i just need to find some nice tire textures!
  12. If you know what your doing you can easy overclock that cpu, am running that cpu overclocked to 3.6ghz and have no problems at all with everything maxed out.
    But only overclock it if you know what your doing cause you can easy cook the cpu if not.
  13. I have 8GB's but i have seen some people go for 16GB's. I would rather spend that money buying the extra 8GB's on a better CPU like a Phenom x6 or something. I was looking at the ATI 6870 for £175, if the new ATI cards are going to be in the price range of £175 to £250 then i would rather spend that little extra on getting a card that is far better than the 6000 series cards.

    I also saw in CEX the GT 240 (a card i wanted when i had the GT 220). Anyway they wanted almost £60 for it, who in the rirght mind will pay that for a low end card. I think CEX is not very good at pricing their stock and i know they base there prices on London prices but you can't do that because London is expensive anyway and people will not pay for something thats second hand when they can purchase that exact some thing new for the same price a little more money. They had a 160GB IDE hard drive in omce and they wanted £47 for it. I told them you could purchase that brand new for that price and they just said we have to stick with London prices.

    A friend came to me the other day to put windows 7 on there computer, when i got there i looked at the computer and told them the copy of Windows 7 they bourght was x64 bit and the processor was not compatble. The following day i installed windows 7 x32 bit after he had bourght that copy (the shop he said wouldn't let him exchange it even though he hadn't opened it). Yesterday there computer had a glitch or a (comuter say's no moment) so i looked at it and now it asks for a bootable flopy, WTF who has floppies now. No seriously who on earth uses floppies now, external floppies maybe but not a single friend of mine have floppies and one purchased his computer brand new the other week and it doesn't have a floppy drive. So at this moment i was thinking how old is that computer lol.

    Then i found out, SDRam ram (say's it all doesn't it). I told them for about £100 they could buy a motherboard package and have a daul core all they would need to do is buy a new power supply because there's is old old as you can imagine.
  14. For gaming, you really dont 'need' more than either 4gb or 6gb depending on your chipset. Throwing anymore at a gaming rig is just pointless.
    I suspect the 7900 series of ATI cards to be >£300.

    CEX?? Seriously? Why? :D

    I think the only situation you ever need a floppy disk when installing Win7 is if you have a RAID configuration on the HDs.
    Sounds like that shop totally mugged your mate off, and im not even sure if a highstreet retailer should be selling OEM versions of Win7 - they should be selling the retail version which comes with both the 32 and 64bit versions for a couple quid more.

    Dual core motherboard package for £100? Dual core? Add £20 and at least get quad if its meant to be an upgrade.
    Dont forget the new RAM they would also need as AM3 boards tend to only accept DDR2 or 3. Oh yeah plus they would need to go back and buy that 64bit copy of Win7 again. :D
  15. The skipping was because i was doing some background process while playing and i didnt know but would you like to inform me on how to overclock? do i need to buy anything?