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Graphics are a pain

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. So I have everything back up for the most part and I noticed that even running 16Q AA and 16x AF I was still getting a bit a AA jaggies off in the distance. Not super bad and certainly nothing you would pay any attention to in a race. However me being as I am was not happy with that so I got to tinkering with the graphic settings on my card. Since Nhancer has not worked for quite some time now I used NvidiaInspector which works basicially the same way but it's a bit more complicated. I noticed right off the bat that 2x2SS does not work in iRacing at all, at least for me. The 4x4SS does work however there is a trade off. Going with 16Qx will keep the shadows casting on everything, the cars, track, ect. Using 4x4SS will make the game and cars look really really nice, however you will lose the shadows casting on everything. You are left with a glob of goo for a shadow under the cars. The shading works so the sunny side of the car and shadow side look as they should but still which is more important...lol...

    Perhaps I will run the races in 16Qx and if they look right do my screens in 4x4SS... I'm just not sure yet as being a photographer shadow is a big deal to me... lol... I'll post the differences of the two and see what you guys think in a few.
  2. Ok that is annoying! I switched back to 16Q AF and took the screens, then back to 4x4SS for the other. The shadows are "normal" persay however the car reflections (track, clouds, ect.) are completely gone...

    I think I may be going with ATI next round for the videocard. I have used Nvidia since they bought out 3Dfx VooDoo a long time ago and haven't had hardly and issues until they came out with the 200 series cards. I'll figure out what is up and get back to this... lol...
  3. VooDoo wow, I remember those cards. I was a die hard Nvidia fan for years. I switched to ATI back with the xt1800 crossfire setup and it performed well but I really missed the digital vibrance that nvidia had. I switched back to nvidia with the gtx 260 and most recently to the gtx 470. I run everything maxed and currently have no problems. Shadows, reflections, and graphics look great, I think I will stick with nvidia for now as I am happy with it, not saying I will never try ATI again.
  4. yeah right now I'm using the 285GTX ocfu edition. I'm thinking it's a mix of the card, and iracing software. I also think I may be letting myself be overly critical about this stuff...lol... I have no problems really running everything maxed in game. It's the dang jaggies in the distance that are killing me... lol...

    Can iRacing run in dx11?
  5. dont believe theres any dx11 options for iracing. i was getting some odd graphics issues for a while and recently reset back to defaults. I have noticed i have some jaggies back again, but everything else is running fine. I do believe there were some threads on the iracing forums regarding the issues tho.....(mostly related to the last build)
  6. You're better off just forcing the AA in the Nvidia control panel, works completely fine in there. 32x AA with 8x supersampling looks pretty good to be honest, I certainly don't notice much in the way of jaggies. If you like AA, then ATI isn't exactly the greatest place to start either.

    And no, iRacing cant run DX10 or 11 currently.
  7. I cannot run in 32x... The sim will not load at all with it on 32x, I think that may be the cards fault though.
  8. well here is what I have found. I honestly think that what is happening with the shadows is a graphic error of some sort. I was playing the settings again and tried 16xS which is combined 2x2SS+4MS. When I started the game it forced a configure of the graphics, and once started there were no shadows again. Here are the shots taken:



    This time I had noticed that there are about 50% less buildings around the track, just bare ground were the building normally is. So I configured the graphics again through the iracing site. Buildings and shadows are back.

    So in a really long process, I have figured out the problem as well as found a way to get the shots that I want too...lol...

    Here is a shot at 4x4SS with the shadows working.

  9. Ah yeh, you've got a 2xx series card. I forgot only the 4xx series and above can do 32x.

    Just max everything in game, then force some AA and it should look good. Just don't have high detail mirrors on unless you want to lose about 30 FPS.
  10. I've used nVidia for years, ever since 3Dfx were bought out by them. I had a brief spell with ATi back some years ago but my current rig now uses an ATi 6870 card. I'm very happy with the card and the drivers for price/performance considering its not top of the line.