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Graphical issue........

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by William Elgh, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. hey guys im having an problem wich is driving me creazy, some days ago my old card gave up (nvidia geforce7300gt) rfactor did always run great with that card hmm or at lower settings atleast..... but i went and bought an new card Nvidia geforce GT 430 1gb ddr3 wich is ALOT better than my old card but im having an graficall errorwith it here is an video of how it looks like (not my video)
    help me!
  2. Update your drivers to start....i had very similar issues with a very similar card in some different games, turned out the drivers were WAY out of date. Also, what operating system are you running? i had heaps of issues when i had vista like this, though a clean wipe of my hard drive, new drivers and win 7 install fixed it up for me. Does it change if you change your graphical settings? have you fiddled with them much?
  3. i can still run on some tracks with some mods with no problem but i need to put the settings to MAX then if i lower it those triangles start showing up, and some tracks dont run at all flickers and idk whatever settings you use... and btw im on XP
  4. I did a search for you, it seems that it was something to do with that video card and that operating system....basically, you either have to change card or upgrade to windows 7, because currently the nvidia drivers are not compatitble properly. though i would download and intall the latest drivers from the nvidia website first, as they may have fixed the issue :)