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Graphic/visual tweaks

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by bogani, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Thing is, every video of R3E I look at looks really good, especially the onboards from the dashboard. However, when I play this sim I always get a cartoonish feel for it. To me, it never looks as good and realistic as in the videos.
    Are there any tips or tweaks?

    I also think it should be more easy to change the cockpit cam on the fly. I want to be able to center it, or maybe have a dashboard view. Right now I can only change the seat forward/backward/up/down.
  2. I gave you instructions to change the position of the camera in a previous post

    Before,I used to play with high graphics settings.But since an update of the game,I noticed drops of frames per second on some tracks like Norisring(unplayable online).


    I also disabled vsync in the game.
    Sorry for screenshots in french.
  3. You and me both. I started a race a race online last night at Portimao and was getting unplayable frame rates. Had to log off, change settings, and return. The inconsistency in optimization between tracks is starting to bug me a little as it is eating into my precious race time messing with settings. On the optimized tracks, I want the high settings so i keep going back and forth. It can be a difference of 60+fps down to 5fps on some tracks or online. Still, i keep coming back as R3E is still the best driving experience out there for me.
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  4. What "time of day" looks the best in this game folks?