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Graphic quality ?

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Eric Bergeron, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Eric Bergeron

    Eric Bergeron
    Premium Member


    I wonder how you find the graphics quality? :D
    To me, it seems to me to be clearly superior to Game Stock Car and fluid
    I wonder if they plans to improve it with this beautiful quality ! :rolleyes:

    Congratulations Reiza :notworthy::thumbsup::D
  2. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    It's really nice. Looks are great, at least for the trucks.
    The track is same quality as GSC to me. Looks very well.

    All in all, high quality, with high FPS as well.
  3. it's awesome so far!

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