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Graphic Issues with V8 Unleashed

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by benny75, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hey Guys Looking for some help one of my members is having issues when using unleashed 2011 and only appears to be at two tracks and only with this mod. The Tracks are Bathurst 2006 and FVR Hamilton WIP7

    As you can see there Green lines coming down from the sky in the picture which increase and decrease during a session

    Things we have tried
    Fresh install with Unleashed only creating new account and coping NO files over from previous install.
    RE download tracks.
    Tried rfactorconfig in multiple settings remains the same.
    Lowered and raised the track details
    Nothing apears to fix the problem.

    The Member is running XP and a ATI based graphics card and suggestions would be extremely appreciated and if you require any addional information to help please just ask and I will get it for you

  2. Ah....Benny is the ttr kris and if so both of those tracks support dx9 and when he has it on dx7 that's what happens unfortunately....
  3. It's the dx level ben.

    And it could also be the craphics card it self as well
  4. 99.99999% He is Running On DX9 we have tried every Config setting to get it to work Thanks Mitchell this has been a on going problem for a while I will get kris to try download latest Direct x Drivers
  5. Hey Benny why not see if he has probs with Hamilton wiP 8?
  6. it's Bathurst being the main drama. The track is fine with all other mods just not Unleashed 2011 the original 2010 version release works fine
  7. Ok just updating tried all direct x options problem still the same graphics card is only a couple of months old and is amd radeon HD6800 1gig
  8. Rfactor may not handle it
  9. Works fine everywhere else but only these two tracks and this mod only
  10. thanks benny for putting this up here.
    we found today 2006v1.3 is OK on these tracks but 2010 and 2011 has this problem?
    never seen the problem on any other mod also

    PS: we think your V8 supper cars mods are the best, :cool:
  11. Sorry guys anyone have any ideas on this one still having same problem, we have made sure dx9 is running while also trying all other versions

    Has anyone seen this issue before it is really odd just with the unleashed mod no other and the two tracks listed above
  12. Sorry guy's. I have no ideas on this. Haven't seen it before or hear of anyone else with it. I suppose you've tried both Ford and Holden on these tracks. Are the lines there regardless of the view being used? Even so it's hard to understand why it only effects those two tracks. With something like this you would expect it to effect all tracks. You some time see lines like this when you have opponents markers up (Tab key). If this is on try it off to see if they go away.

    Guess you've been through all this. Real no clue on this.
  13. thanks doug
    no we havnt tryed the tab key, ill get back to you on that one
  14. Hi Guys..

    Can you post a shot of it from a distance behind the cars with the cars in the shot on bgoth tracks. I have never seen anything like this on Dx9 on our Bathurst, but do remember a few anomolies on different graphics settings on one of the Hamilton versions that I reported to Flash at one stage.

    The other thing to troubleshoot would be a screenshot of the rF Config screen showing the video card, settings etc, so we can see what it looks like.

    Once we eliminate this, it will be ingame graphics options that might be the issues.
  15. I had this problem when i overclocked my old ATI card, I found it was due to gpu overheating, is your ATI card overclocked?
  16. thanks for the replys, no its factory as and only 2 months old, the tab key didnt seem to make any differance, the trees flash also somtimes like someone has 2000000000 candle power headlights.
  17. Yeah I had the same thought about the graphic card. Settings, New drivers have been known to effect rF in some strange ways. The thing that gets me is that it's only effecting Unleashed and on only two tracks. Card issues are usually across the board, Not just isolated to a particular mod or track.

    This is saying that 2010 works fine. 2011 is the mod with the problem. So would it be right to say you can use 2010 and the community section without this problem? It's unique to the 2011?

    Still don't understand what is different from 2010 to 2011. Maybe Bacon would know.
  18. from above

    we found today 2006v1.3 is OK on these tracks but 2010 and 2011 has this problem?
    never seen the problem on any other mod also
  19. Not always, I had bad graphics distortion in unleashed and only on two tracks, narrowed it down to my d3d9.dll file.
  20. kris, it may even be that gid....maybe