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Graphic issue/question

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by SLuisHamilton, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Hello. Anybody can spot any difference on AA level on this two screenshots?
    First one is AA 8x, AA transparency 8x
    Second: AA 4x, AA transparency 4x
    All other graphic setting are the same both ingame and nvidia control panel
    This site claims not compress the images:

    If there are any difference, as i supose, why is this happening?
    Thanks in advance
  2. For me the second (white car in front) looks better, but just because of the fences and far far away stands.
  3. well, there is a diference but its so hard to tell that i think i still got some problem...:confused:
    This is the worse AA setting:
    This is the best:

    You can notice mostly outside mirrors lines, top and botton pit wall lines. I was expecting better quality on the track white lines but has no much impact...
  4. jlnprssnr


    Have you tried forcing advanced AA types through your GPU driver like the AMS user manual says?
  5. Actually interesting, when you launch AMS, there is a new option do take a look at the user manual which contains guidelines for GPU setups from Nvidia and AMD (made it looking better for me).
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  6. Thanks. Didn´t know about nvidiainspector options. All other setting are almost the same.

    Will try
  7. Ari Antero

    Ari Antero

    Don`t edit that config.ini file :)
  8. Can you elaborate why not? I did based on @Kurupt CDN's recommendations and they're working fine.
  9. jlnprssnr


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  10. That's interesting for sure. Thanks for telling.
    Tho the AA settings from the game when SweetFX is off does not seem to be working (ATI)