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graphic glitch

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by 247, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. 247


    i found a graphical glitch and i'm wondering if it will ever be corrected...quite ridiculus since the game is quality game imho... :)

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  2. The car has a low ride height and it stucks deep in the gravel. It's quite difficult to solve, i guess, because the gravel trap is a polygon mesh and the small stones aren't 3D objects (would be performance overkill).

    BTW, the easiest solution for this ........... Stay on the track! :p
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  3. 247


    I know but...race 07 don't have that kind of problem if I'm right...why?:)
  4. Every sim i know has these clipping issues. It depends how deep the car sinks into the gravel.

    Also very noticable is it, if the car drives over kerbs. The splitter sometimes goes through the kerbs. You can see it in Race07, AC, pCARS, rFactor, etc. But if the collision mesh would be that strict, your splitter would be gone quickly.
  5. 247


    I know but you know strangely here the problem is quite noticeable...don't get me wrong...i love simbin works...only thought maybe the problem was solveable... :)
  6. siranodb

    Make love not war!

    You just made me remember in gtr - gtr2 the cars sometimes did diving in the asphalt
  7. 247


    in race 07 too...in custom made tracks for example in black holes near pitstops :)
  8. They did and they do but only if the tire radius is not correct. If it is correct, the tire mesh is positioned correctly on the track surface.

    With gravel things are not as linear, due to how gravel is simulated.

    But most of the "problems" with tires sinking or car chassis sinking are due to wrong tire radius and wrong graphics offsets. Correcting these, the problem is mostly solved (except with tracks that have obvious problems).
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