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Grandstands rFactor Stock

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by kohnboy, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. There is a xpack recently posted at Race Department under this title.

    I have BTB Evo and am building a track for GTR2. Am finding that this xpack causes a CTD.

    Other xpacks I have been able to use no problem though in the text or file it looks like the intention of the xpack was for rFactor only as well.

    Are xpacks game specific? As the title says is the xpack rFactor specific only? No GTR2 or RBR? Or am I doing something wrong with the xpack?

    I just dropped in into the xpacks folder and went to include in my current project and when I open it there is a) no icons and b) the game CTDs.

    Any ideas?
  2. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    It could be. I noticed that i cannot use the buildings in the TSO pack, because some parts are invisible when exported into rFactor.
  3. i try them in rfactor they load okay.2) no they are not game specific has they are standard objects.(created from simed 3ds/textures). so there should be no problem in exporting to gtr2.

    i revised them has i just added a chrome channel, and need a few more tweaks for the lods setting. upload soon.
  4. Banger,
    Do you still plan on an update? Am thinking perhaps my download of the xpack was not done correctly that may be the issue. Am going to download again but wanted to check on update status. Either way- thanks for this one.
  5. *rfactor stock grandstand now in btb download section. deleted old version and replace with this version.* sorry with the delay.busy busy busy,working.:)
  6. Thanks man. I know what you mean on the work front....
  7. Banger,
    Tried out the updated grandstands last night. They look great and add something to my track project which was really missing.

    Thank you.

    Any suggestions on adding crowds to them???

  8. Forgot that one. will do. Thanks again.
    Will post some screenshots soon.