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Grand Prix 1967

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Cote Dazur, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. The Pay mod GrandPrix 1967 seems like a fair offer, 8 teams from 1967 season, all drivers liveries, different physics, suspension and driver animations, and sounds for 10 Euro. How is it to play, any good? is it close to what Kunos offers?
  2. Rip from the GTR2 conversion looseether did of slimjims original.
    Usual Simdream BS, don't buy it.
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  3. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium

    I do have reason to believe that this specific paymod might be ripped indeed as stated before.
    My recommendation would be to wait buying and see if there is proof arising that its legit. (Or enjoy the other mods which are freely available here)
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  4. its not legit, i spoke to the original creators on f1classic, both of them agreed that its 100% a rip, they are using the same textures and they made purposeful mistakes in the models so that they could spot the models as theirs.
  5. People will still buy it.
    Gamers have been carefully programmed over the last decade or so to become addicted to a constant stream of new content.

    Either the developers themselves meet that need, the mod community will, or slime like this will take advantage and bilk suckers for all they can.

    Not really much can be done about it, other than telling people who care about their community to keep away, but even those that care will still pony up if it's some car or series they're obsessed enough about.
    Human nature.
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  6. Thank you for the feedback, any chances for the original creator of f1classic to make it available in AC?
  7. <Mod Edit: Hotlinking to mods hosted on third party websites is prohibited.>

    Looks like F1 Legends Racing is coming to AC anyway. :)

    Last edited: Nov 15, 2015
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  8. will not buy. this is deceitful.
  9. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore

    Yep got this two weeks ago , didn't know its a rip of others work ___ anyway now that I have it , it is very very good indeed .
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  10. From what you tried or managed to see in the files (if data is unlocked), each car is from a different manufacturer? And do they feel different or each the same? Or all drive exactly like lotus t49?
  11. How can any even remotely serious sim racer claim they don't know that everything simdream does is an illegal rip?

    Still as long as you have new shiny things to play with for 2 minutes, I guess that's all that matters.
  12. Indeed.. oh the irony. People who insist on how realistic AC is and the godlike physics.. only to drive mods that completely disregard this part of the equation and just quickly rips models and textures from other peoples work.
  13. no the physics are probably realistic...........for the lotus 49 which i bet they stole them from. Bet its just a pack of lotus 49s with different bodies.
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  14. Like almost every other payware mod it is now available for free on more than one Facebook page and/or Youtube channel.
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  15. Cheers michael.

    God what an awful quality mod. LOL @ anyone paying for this, let alone thinking it's good quality.

    Far better would be to pay a little more and pick up RF2 cheap on steam if you need historic cars, or even better donate to F1 Legends Racing and let them know we'd really like them to make their mod for A.C. :)
  16. the car models look nice enough, especially if you just want something other than Lotus 49 on the grid when racing the ai. I assume the Kunos Lotus 49 is the same speed as these, but haven't tested for myself. The interiors are pretty low res and 'old gen' looking (the gauges in the dash are nice though).

    They don't feel anywhere near as nice as Kunos Lotus 49 to drive IMO.
  17. Sorry, yes, wasn't bashing the original mod, just the poor effort converting them up to AC standards.

    Nowhere near the quality of Kunos' Lotus. Though it's such a shame there's such a lack of historical content in AC.
    But then, RF2 pretty much have it nailed shut in that department.
    Be good to see if the Dreampack #3 can really deliver (did they REALLY laserscan old spa? did we ever hear anything else about that?)
  18. the thing is that kunos have licenses to old spa, old monza(confirmed to come before the end of this year likely free content)and old silverstone. They also have the licenses to around 6 cars from the 60s that we know about. Kunos can quickly change from having little classic content to starting fights with gpl. Not to mention a lot of mods are on that brink of coming which are older. Kunos only laserscanned what still exists, the rest is standard issue take pictures hope for the best.
  19. hape


    Laserscan means that the existing race track is scanned. So as Brownninja97 said there must be something to be scanned plus if there is something (the old Monza is in pieces still standing) to scan its in bad condition so there are holes where if you drive the track can never been a hole. So i think if they laser scan its only to have an impression but the surface is never been from the laserscan.
    Take alook here: http://www.google.de/imgres?imgurl=...d=0CI8BEK0DMCRqFQoTCITXxdjHlMkCFQPDFAodlXsIgA
    I also hope that there will be more 60s content in the future because its another driving than in our days.
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